Top 6 Tips for High School Seniors Looking at Colleges

Are you a high school senior considering college options after graduation? East Ohio College is here to help guide high school seniors through the process of preparing for graduation and education beyond high school. Continue reading to learn our top six tips to help make the transition from high school to higher education more manageable … Read more

How to Enroll for Fall Classes

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4 Tips for High School Seniors Choosing a College in 2021

This year has been a very different experience for high school seniors, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: every graduating senior must determine what they’re going to do after high school. It can seem scary and uncertain to graduate high school during a pandemic. At East Ohio College, we want you to know that … Read more

What You Need To Know About Financial Aid At East Ohio

As you consider continuing your education by going to college, there are some important decisions you will need to make, and financial aid is one of them. Figuring out exactly how you will pay for your college degree is an essential step to enrolling in school. At East Ohio, we support our students through every … Read more

Frequently Asked Financial Aid Questions

By: Sarah Ferguson – Financial Aid Officer At East Ohio College, we try to make your college experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. There are some frequently asked questions regarding our financial aid process and questions about grants you can receive through the school that I am going to answer for you today. One … Read more