Top 6 Tips for High School Seniors Looking at Colleges

Top 6 Tips for High School Seniors Looking at Colleges

Are you a high school senior considering college options after graduation?

East Ohio College is here to help guide high school seniors through the process of preparing for graduation and education beyond high school.

Continue reading to learn our top six tips to help make the transition from high school to higher education more manageable for you!

1. Determine Your Career Path

One of the things you can expect to cover during your junior and senior years of high school is determining a career path that best suits your interests and skills. For example, maybe you want a career where you can help people in a medical setting. Once you determine that you want to work in healthcare, you can start looking for colleges that offer healthcare training programs with qualities that are important to you.

Perhaps you are torn between career options or want a solid starting point to begin researching schools; an online career aptitude test can help you determine what careers could be a good fit for you. These tests will allow you to answer questions about your skills, personality, interests, and even how you imagine dressing for work. It will also suggest possible career options that align with your interests.

2. Start The College Search Early

After determining what career path you want to pursue after graduation, the next step is to start researching colleges that offer training that can provide you with the hands-on skills and experience needed to enter the workforce. There are hundreds of options for high school grads. Choosing the right college can feel intimidating, so starting the process early can help alleviate some of the stress. 

When going through the process of choosing a college to attend after graduation, imagine yourself as a student there. Does the institution’s values align with your values? Check out reviews to see what current and past students say about the college. You want to ensure you choose a school where you feel comfortable since you will be spending months or years there earning your degree or diploma.

3. Practice Good Time Management

Transitioning from a high school workload to a college level can be overwhelming for some students, so it is important to start practicing good time management skills before graduating high school. In addition, higher education can bring increased responsibilities, so it is a good idea to give yourself the tools you need to be successful before entering college.

One way to improve your productivity is to determine what type of learner you are. For example, finding out if you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner can help you develop strategies to help you handle the added stress after graduation and set you up for success in college.

4. Consider How You Will Finance College

These days, there is one thing that seems to be on everyone’s mind: cost. As the cost of living continues to rise, the desire to secure a stable career is at an all-time high. Therefore, every high school senior should consider the path to financial stability as they approach graduation.

Attending college can be expensive, but there are many resources available that can make training for your career affordable. For example, at East Ohio College, students can expect to work closely with a financial aid team member to discuss grant/scholarship* opportunities, financial aid**, and loans to help make school an option. East Ohio College also offers high school seniors the opportunity to apply for an early admission grant* to help finance their education.

5. Prepare For Standardized Tests

Standardized testing is a common way for institutions to evaluate students’ knowledge and high school seniors should have experienced multiple standardized tests over their secondary education. Colleges also utilize standardized testing for entry into specific programs. For example, students looking to enter the Nursing program must take and pass the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam.

As you research which schools offer programs you are interested in, be sure to take notice if there is a standardized test for entry to the program you want. If there is, be sure to prepare for it beforehand to give yourself the best chance of passing for admittance.

6. Strengthen Your Support Network

Regardless of the path you decide to take post-graduation, you will likely be challenged and need a strong support system. Developing a solid support system before you leave high school can help set you up for success during college. The types of people you want to have in your support network are those you can rely on when times get tough or you need more motivation. 

Additionally, choosing a college whose staff, faculty, and other students make you feel supported can make a world of difference in your educational experience. East Ohio College strives to put the student experience first and provides career management services to help ensure the success of every student.

Make The Best Choice For Your Future!

If you’ve decided that attending a college that cares about your success, East Ohio College could be a great fit for you! Take the first step by contacting our admissions team by calling 330-385-1070 or Requesting Information

*For those who qualify. See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements.

**Financial aid available to those who qualify.