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The EOC Resource Center is a place where students can find all the resources they need to write research papers, learn about documentation and citation styles, access online library resources, conduct legal office research, and find contact information for the librarian to ask any questions they have. Our mission is to support students’ academic pursuits by providing access to valuable resources and tools. Follow the links below to direct you to the section you wish to visit.

Research Paper Information

Writing a research paper can seem like a daunting process to start. East Ohio College (EOC) has helpful resources from our online resource center to help get you started. We’ve compiled some useful links to help get you started with the process.

  • Research Guide – Purdue University, through its College of Liberal Arts, offers Purdue Owl, a globally renowned resource supporting English students, teachers, professionals, and organizations.
  • Online Writing Lab – Purdue University offers an Online Writing Lab that provides resources and instructional material that is a helpful resource.
  • EasyBib Tips – Includes a “how to” write a research paper from start to finish.
  • All About MLA – Citations are essential in research. This article gives you an in-depth guide to MLA.


Taking Notes

Avoiding Plagiarism

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Practical Insights: Preventing Plagiarism

Document and Citation Styles

The resources below provide guidance for students to learn about documentation and citation styles. Students can access guides and tutorials on different citation styles, including APA and MLA. The librarian is also available to answer any questions related to documentation and citation styles.

MLA by Purdue Owl – Learn how to use the Modern Language Association (MLA) citation and format style.

APA by the Writing Center – From The Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, learn how to format parenthetical citations and references list correctly.

APA by Purdue Owl – Learn how to use American Psychological Association (APA) style.

Sites that help you create citations:

EasyBib for MLA – EasyBib’s citation generator can help you create your citations for MLA.

Citation Machine for MLA and APA – Citation Machine is a citation generator that can help you create citations for both MLA and APA.

Online Library Resources

The online library resources provide access to a wide range of online library resources, including databases, journals, and e-books. These resources can be accessed from anywhere at any time, making it convenient for students to conduct research and complete assignments.

Students who wish to access the online library resource center, please log in to Canvas here.

Contact Me

EOC students have access to a knowledgeable librarian that is happy to answer any questions they may have. She can be reached at the contact information provided below.

Librarian: Helen Snaith, MLS
Email: [email protected]

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