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Discover 7 Common Nursing Specialties

Nursing is a dynamic and diverse profession, offering a wide range of nursing specialties to explore and pursue. Each specialty comes with its unique challenges, rewards, and opportunities. Whether you are drawn to the fast-paced environment of emergency care, the compassionate nature of hospice care, or something in between, there is a nursing specialty that … Read more

Lindsey Hostetter – Nursing Student Highlight

Meet Nursing Student Lindsey Hostetter Lindsey Hostetter is a nursing student at East Ohio College. After completing high school, Lindsey ventured into the college experience without a clear idea of her goals, seeking personal growth and the chance to discover her passions. Her decision to attend college amidst uncertainty proved rewarding, giving her valuable experiences … Read more

The Rise of Online Education

In recent years, the education landscape has significantly shifted. Traditional brick-and-mortar schools are no longer the sole avenue for learning. The advent of online education has not only opened access to education and provided flexibility for those with busy schedules but has also sparked a wave of innovation in the education system. This innovation is … Read more

Nursing Lab: Healthcare Simulation Mannequins

Witness the immersive learning experience at East Ohio College campus as nursing students take charge of administering medication and conducting an EKG on Juno, our lifelike Healthcare Simulation Mannequin. These advanced simulators bridge the gap between theory and practice, enabling students to train in realistic scenarios where patients interact and respond to treatment. In this … Read more

Using Artificial Intelligence As A Student

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) tools can significantly help students. However, it can still be challenging for students to understand and apply these tools to their education. East Ohio College is here to help students navigate the growing world of AI by explaining what AI is, how to use it, and some of the … Read more

Haley Spurlock – Student Highlight

Meet Nursing Student Haley Spurlock Haley Spurlock is a nursing student at East Ohio College. With East Ohio College’s accelerated nursing program, Haley will graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing in just eighteen months, which will equip her to take the NCLEX to take her registered nurse* license. When asked about her previous college … Read more

Get To Know Your Campus President, Samantha Esposito

Meet the East Ohio College Campus President, Samantha Esposito! As an East Ohio College student, you will develop close relationships with the admissions team, academic team, instructors, the career management department, and more. Throughout your educational experience, you will have a team of professionals in your corner who are committed to your success. In your … Read more

Paige Foreman – Graduate Highlight

Meet Dental Assisting Graduate Paige Foreman Paige Foreman is a recent dental assisting graduate of East Ohio College. Paige passed her Registered Credentialed Dental Assistant (NRCDA) certification* on February 1st, 2024, and graduated with a dental assisting degree on February 11th, 2024.  Paige Foreman’s journey at East Ohio College was nothing short of inspirational. As … Read more

Why Is Professional Development Important?

Have you heard the infamous saying, “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone,” and wondered what it means? Growth and change are crucial to becoming the best version of yourself. Professional development begins in the classroom and expands into your future career and personal life, meaning it is vital that you are adaptable. … Read more

Olivia Moschella – Graduate Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Graduate Olivia Moschella Olivia Moschella is a 2023 graduate of East Ohio College. Olivia graduated on December 17th, 2023, with a degree from East Ohio College’s fully online Clinical Medical Assistant program. The term medical assistant has been recognized since the latter part of the 20th century after the American Association of … Read more