10 Back-To-School Tips For Students

As the start of another school year quickly approaches, East Ohio College brings students our favorite back-to-school tips to help each student be successful in their education! 

Continue reading to learn our top 10 tips to set yourself up for success during back-to-school time! 

10 Back To School Tips For Students (2)Tip #1: Stay Organized

Regardless of whether you’re taking one class or multiple classes, you’ll want to have a plan for organizing your homework, assignments, tests, and other aspects of your education. Personal planners or electronic calendars are both great ways to keep track of what’s due and when!

Tip #2: Don’t Procrastinate

We get it– it’s easy to put off studying or doing an assignment, especially when it is challenging. Procrastination can cause unnecessary stress, so be sure to start working on assignments early to ensure you have plenty of time to ask questions if you need help before it’s time to turn them in. 

Tip #3: Keep A Separate Study Space

If you don’t have access to a library, or just prefer to study in the comfort of your own home, you should have a designated study space. Studying at home can bring many benefits, but also can be distracting. By keeping a tidy area in your home that is only for studying, you can eliminate distractions and help you retain information better.

Tip #4: Create A Study Group

Studying with other students can be a great benefit in retaining information and bouncing ideas off each other. Getting together with classmates to form a study group can not only help you be more prepared for assignments and tests but also create lasting relationships with your colleagues. 

Tip #5: Prioritize Your Sleep

According to the CDC, students who get a proper amount of sleep at night can be more focused and have higher academic performance. While pulling all-nighters during college may be considered normal in movies and on TV, it’s not necessary to be a successful student. Plan your time in a way that allows you to get adequate sleep, your mind will thank you! 

Tip #6: Find Your Learning Style

Many students aren’t aware that there are three different learning styles, and depending on what type of learner you are can impact what study tactics are effective for you. You can find out what kind of learning style best fits you by taking an online assessment quiz, which you can find along with some tips for each learning type in our Increasing Your Productivity article! 

Tip #7: Go To Class

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the best way to learn is during your class! By attending class during designated times, you can connect with your fellow classmates, and instructors, and have the opportunity to ask questions in the moment. Attending classes will provide you with a better understanding of the material than trying to play catch-up if you don’t go. 

Tip #8: Get Support When You Need It

School is challenging at times, regardless of what route you choose to take. It’s important to have a strong support system both in your personal life and academic life. In your personal life, find people who lift you up when you are feeling down or unmotivated. In your academic life, develop relationships with your instructors and other students for support. 

Tip #9: Find A Positive Outlet

Having a way to relieve the stress that school can bring is important for any student. Things like taking a walk, exercising, reading, journaling, and other activities are great ways to relax and reset your mind. 

Tip #10: Think About The Big Picture

There can be times when school feels overwhelming, and you may feel like giving up. During these times, think about why you are continuing your education. This reason may be different for every student. Whether your reason is to land your dream job or provide for your family, think about how great your future will be when you’ve completed your education!

East Ohio College Wishes You Luck This School Year!

We hope you have found these 10 tips helpful and can apply them to your own academic experience. 

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