Our Favorite Holiday Traditions At East Ohio College

With the holiday season just around the corner, our staff and students have reflected on their happiest holiday memories. They would like to share some of their favorite yuletide traditions surrounding this magical time. Continue reading to learn some of the East Ohio College family’s most cherished holiday traditions!

Jenason Dalrymple – Financial Aid Officer

For Jenason, the most magical part of the holidays happens on Christmas Eve. Each year, she and her husband get together with the family to eat Christmas cookies, play games and watch their favorite Christmas movies. However, the real magic happens as they await Santa’s arrival with her nephew, Maximus. Once in their new Christmas pajamas, they will read Elf, check Santa’s radar to see how close he is, and hope to catch a glimpse of his reindeer in the sky. While Jenason does not have a specific favorite memory of this tradition, she says that the joy and excitement from Max are what make the holiday truly magical.

Linseigh Talbott- Medical Assisting Student

At Linseigh’s house, the holiday spirit comes out the most as they set up the Christmas tree and decorate their home each year. This is her favorite tradition because her family gets together to decorate the tree, watch Christmas movies, bake, and fill their home with holiday cheer. Her family started this tradition before Linseigh was born, but she remembers her most cherished memory as the year she turned fifteen. Linseigh and her mom spent the entire day decorating their home, watching movies, baking, and sharing lots of laughter! She says that it was such a good day, and she and her mom had a lot of fun together.

Kacey Carothers- Medical Assisting Student

The Christmas Eve family gathering is what makes the holidays special for Kacey. Each year, her family gets together at her aunt’s house to have dinner, exchange gifts, and enjoy each other’s company. Like many family traditions, this family gathering started before Kacey was born and has continued for as long as she could remember. This tradition is her favorite because she enjoys watching her family grow each year. She remembers her favorite year was when her uncle dressed up as Santa and made a surprise visit with gifts for the kids. She recalls that his outfit was very believable!

Tammy Mike- Medical Billing/ Administration Student

For Tammy, family is what makes the holiday season special. Each year, her husband’s family has a large Christmas family reunion party, where everyone comes together to visit and catch up while having a nice meal. Tammy says this tradition started as an opportunity to spend time with a family member who was ill but has continued through the years. Her favorite part of this tradition is spending time with family without the obligation of gifts, watching the younger children grow up, and visiting with the older generation.

Malissa Cameron- Administrative Assistant

For Malissa, the holidays wouldn’t be the same without watching the movie “A Christmas Story” each year on Christmas Eve and the morning of Christmas. She recalls the tradition starting when she was a child because the movie was on a 24-hour marathon; it would be on the TV on Christmas Eve and while they opened gifts on Christmas morning. This tradition is so special to her because it is one of the only traditions she and her brothers have been able to keep up since moving out of their childhood home. Malissa’s favorite memory surrounding the movie is her dad jokingly complaining about having to watch it again, year after year. However, seeing him still laugh at the same moments he does every year. So while Malissa could probably quote the movie word for word, she knows it would not be Christmas without watching it!

Happy Holidays From The East Ohio College Family!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of East Ohio’s staff and student families’ favorite holiday traditions! The East Ohio College family hopes everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season making cherished memories with family and loved ones!