Get To Know Your Campus President, Samantha Esposito

Meet the East Ohio College Campus President, Samantha Esposito!

As an East Ohio College student, you will develop close relationships with the admissions team, academic team, instructors, the career management department, and more. Throughout your educational experience, you will have a team of professionals in your corner who are committed to your success. In your time at East Ohio College, you will meet and work closely with each member of your academic success team. In this blog, you will have the opportunity to get to know East Ohio College’s Campus President, Samantha Esposito!Samantha Esposito EOC

A Career of Making A Difference

Samantha has had a successful career while making a difference in the lives of WVJC, East Ohio College, and United Career Institute students. In her eight years employed with sister school, WVJC, she has worn many hats. Helping others has always been her top priority, and she has been able to guide students in all of her positions, including Career Management Representative, Director of Career Management, and finally Campus President. 

She was appointed East Ohio College’s Campus President in the fall of 2023. She says her favorite part of her position is working with a wide variety of students: “I really enjoy talking to people and learning about them and their backgrounds.”

As Campus President, Samantha has the opportunity to see students through their education from their first day of college to their graduation or nursing pinning ceremonies, which are her favorite days of the year. “At those ceremonies, we are able to witness the culmination of hard work and dedication of all of our students,” she said. 

East Ohio College works diligently to provide each student with an education that helps them achieve their goal of entering a new career. If you ask Samatha what she would say to a potential student looking into furthering their education at East Ohio College, she would tell them, “If they are looking for an organization that truly cares and wants them to succeed, we are the right organization for them.”

Life Outside of East Ohio College

Work-life balance is essential, especially for those in positions helping others. Taking time to “fill your own cup” is important for mental health. When she is not working, Samantha enjoys caring for her plants and dog and reading. She even says she has a hidden talent– twirling fire!

Her inspiration comes from her mom: “She worked really hard to ensure that I had everything I needed growing up and is always there to support me.” If she could have dinner with one famous person, she would choose Walt Disney, “I feel he was very innovative for his time, and I would love to discuss how that innovation came to be.” They would likely be having Italian food, as it is Samantha’s favorite! If she ever gets the opportunity, she would love to take a trip to Italy. 

Looking Toward The Future

Samantha and the East Ohio team have big plans for the college in the coming year. She says she hopes to expand East Ohio College’s program offerings by launching an online, hybrid Associate Degree Nursing program in Ohio. This program would benefit students in Northeastern Ohio by allowing them to complete nursing courses virtually and attend lab and clinical rotations at the East Ohio College campus in East Liverpool, OH, or regional healthcare facilities.

This exciting new program would allow students to begin their nursing journey from the comfort of their own homes while balancing family and work obligations with college. Stay connected to learn about the online, hybrid Nursing program becoming available by following our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages!

If you see Samantha in the halls of East Ohio College, be sure to stop and say hello! One thing she always likes students to know is, “I truly care about their success. I am always here for them as a listening ear.”

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