History of East Ohio College

Exceptional Training Since 1886!

You may have heard the jingle on the radio… “Great career. Great life. East Ohio College!” Or you may have seen the familiar logo with the yellow starburst. 

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You’ve probably heard of East Ohio College, but we are here to dive deeper into what the school is all about, what students can expect, and the healthcare and professional training programs available!

Continue reading to learn more about East Ohio College and how we can help you change your life!

About East Ohio College

East Ohio College has a long-standing history of training nurses, allied healthcare, and professional employees in Northeastern Ohio and the surrounding communities. The East Ohio College was founded in East Liverpool, Ohio, in 1886 and was formerly known as Ohio Valley College of Technology. 

In 2022, the institution developed an online platform. It recently underwent rebranding to East Ohio College to better reflect the current program offerings and online modality. Since the establishment of East Ohio Online, students in Western Pennsylvania, Northwestern West Virginia, and Northern Ohio have the option to stay home and go to college.

The East Ohio Student Experience

East Ohio College prides itself on our exceptional student learning experience. By following our established academic process, each student can expect to receive personalized care and attention from everyone they encounter during their time as an East Ohio student. 

Regardless of what field of study a student chooses to attend, they will receive a combination of classroom lectures, hands-on lab combined with clinical experiences, an externship with a local employer, and certification* or licensure** preparation. East Ohio College alums will be prepared to enter the workforce with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to be successful in their careers.

Additionally, students at East Ohio College will be supported by faculty, the career management team, instructors, and fellow students throughout their education. Our career management team will organize a real-world externship experience and assist with interview preparation, job placement, and more. This helps ensure that every graduate leaves East Ohio College feeling confident about beginning their new career. As an added benefit, East Ohio graduates can return to the school in the future to take refresher courses^ in their field of study to brush up on their skills as the industry evolves.

Our Programs

East Ohio College has been a trusted institution to train nurses, allied healthcare, and professional services employees for over 100 years. As industries evolve, methods must also adapt to provide students with up-to-date training in their chosen field. As a result, East Ohio College has developed an online platform to allow students in some programs to complete courses from their homes and practice their skills in customized virtual labs or hands-on clinical experiences. 

Healthcare Online 

Those seeking healthcare training have the opportunity to take online clinical medical assistant, online medical office administration, online medical coding, and online dental assisting courses to begin a career in the healthcare industry. The online clinical medical assistant and dental assistant training programs combine virtual instruction with hands-on weekend clinical experiences to solidify the skills learned in class. Meanwhile, students in the online medical coding and online medical office administration training programs can expect to complete online courses and simulation labs.

Professional Services Online

East Ohio College students who are interested in cybersecurity or business administration have the option to complete online courses, virtual simulation labs, and an externship to earn their associate’s degree. 


In addition to East Ohio’s online program offerings, students also have the opportunity to complete the Nursing program at the East Ohio College campus. This allows our nursing students to practice their hands-on skills under the guidance of skilled nursing instructors. 

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*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.

**Passing the NCLEX-RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.

^Career Management Services are subject to specific conditions and requirements and to continued campus operations. Please see the campus catalog for complete details.