Paige Foreman – Graduate Highlight

Meet Dental Assisting Graduate Paige Foreman

Paige Foreman is a recent dental assisting graduate of East Ohio College. Paige passed her Registered Credentialed Dental Assistant (NRCDA) certification* on February 1st, 2024, and graduated with a dental assisting degree on February 11th, 2024. 

Paige Foreman - Graduate HighlightPaige Foreman’s journey at East Ohio College was nothing short of inspirational. As a testament to her hard work and commitment, she successfully completed the Dental Assisting program, marking the beginning of her professional career in the dental field.

The dental assisting profession dates back to the early 1700s. In 1948, the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) was founded, focusing on advancing the profession and setting standards for education and practice. The ADAA played a pivotal role in promoting professional growth and recognition for dental assistants. As dentistry became more sophisticated, dental assistants underwent specialized training to perform expanded functions, enhancing their contribution to the dental chairside team.

With the advent of technology, dental assisting has undergone significant changes in recent decades. Integrating computerized systems and digital imaging has revolutionized how dental assistants support dentists. As a dental assistant, Paige can handle patient education, assist during procedures, manage office tasks, and contribute to infection control protocols.

When asked if she had ever attended college, Paige stated, “I have never been to another college.” When questioned about what she was doing before she decided to attend East Ohio College, she explained, “I was a recent graduate of New Brighton Area High School and had a part-time job working at the movie theater Cinemark.” Paige said that she chose East Ohio College for multiple reasons. “I chose East Ohio College for its hands-on learning style and location. The location has allowed me to commute and continue to work while getting an education.”

When asked why she chose the online Dental Assisting program, Paige explained, “I chose the Dental Assisting program for the holidays off and amazing four-day work weeks. I knew I wanted to work in the medical field without the chaos of nursing.” Paige said that her favorite part of attending East Ohio College was the relationships she built, “My favorite parts of East Ohio were the relationships I built with my instructor and peers and the four-day school week.” She also said that her favorite instructor is Jamie Stine, and her favorite class was Dental Materials due to its hands-on nature.

When asked about her ideal job after graduation, Paige stated, “I am currently employed at the best job I could have hoped for. I got hired right out of externship.” When asked how she would like her life to be in five years, she said, “I hope to have been through hygiene school with most or all of my student debt paid off and my own apartment.” Paige said that she would refer a friend to East Ohio College because of the convenience of its online classes and schedule.

Outside of school, Paige has several interests. “I like to read, watch movies, and collect teacups. In my free time, I hang out with my sister, go shopping, and play video games.”

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*Certification contingent upon passing this industry certification exam. Required/Included in Tuition/Fees.