The Growing Medical Industry in Columbiana County

The healthcare industry continues to grow across the country and the same is true in Columbiana County. With an increased number of people who now have access to medical care, and an aging population, the medical industry is projected to continue expanding well into the future.

Healthcare providers are consistently hiring professionals at all levels to keep up with the increasing demand for medical services. This includes students and recent graduates who are just starting their careers, and professionals with many years of experience.

With the ever-increasing demand for medical professionals, there are more opportunities for entry-level candidates to get in on the ground floor and achieve their career goals in the medical field.

Increasing Demand for Medical Professionals

With more people using healthcare services, local employers need an increased number of qualified professionals to meet the growing demand. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, labs, and clinics need employees who have the education, certifications, hands-on skills, and experience to get the job done.

Locally, private and solo healthcare practitioners are merging into larger group practices. This allows healthcare providers to provide a high level of care and positive patient experience because they now have general practitioners and specialists all under one roof.

Partnerships with Local Employers

At East Ohio, we work hard to provide well-trained, qualified professionals to the growing healthcare industry in the tri-state area. “East Ohio meets the needs of the growing medical industry by building relationships with local healthcare providers,” said Scott Rogers, East Ohio Campus President.

“We have an advisory board of medical industry professionals who advise us on curriculum content that is necessary to produce highly employable graduates,” said Scott. Our curriculum is designed to give East Ohio students the exact skills, education, and certifications needed by local healthcare employers.

To provide students with hands-on experience, we also partner with local healthcare employers so students can complete an externship while in their programs. Heritage Valley Health System, River Valley Health Partners, and Trinity Health System are just a few of our local healthcare partners.

In-Demand Medical Programs

East Ohio offers students the opportunity to earn degrees in various in-demand medical programs including Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Dental Assisting.


Nursing Growing Medical Industry

With our direct admission Nursing program, students can start on their way to becoming a registered nurse. “Students are admitted directly to nursing courses, rather than being required to take multiple prerequisites before applying to their program,” said Scott.

“Furthermore, evening and weekend class and clinical scheduling provides more flexibility for students,” said Scott. This allows students to graduate in as little as 24 months and start their careers much sooner than if they had attended a traditional university.

As part of our in-depth nursing program, students are required to complete clinicals at local healthcare providers like East Liverpool City Hospital, Trinity Medical Center, and Akron Children’s Hospital.

LPN to RN Bridge 

Nursing_LPN Growing Medical Industry

The LPN to RN Bridge program provides students with a clear path to becoming an RN, because East Ohio recognizes the skillset that LPNs already possess. In this direct admission program, an LPN can become an RN in only 16 months because they don’t waste time taking classes they don’t need.

With clinical rotations at local employers like Alliance Community Hospital, Heritage Valley Health System, and Vista Center, students are prepared for a successful career as a nurse.

Medical Assisting and Medical Office Administration 

MA Growing Medical Industry

Our Medical Assisting and Medical Office Administration programs prepare students to work in a variety of medical facilities. Medical Assisting students are trained to provide high-quality medical care in areas like taking vital signs, checking vision, performing lab tests, drawing blood, and more. The program also prepares students for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant certification.

MOA Growing Medical Industry

Medical Office professionals keep healthcare offices running smoothly so local patients receive the best care possible. Students are trained in areas like basic coding, electronic health records, billing, scheduling, and more. While in the program, students are also prepared for valuable certifications, including Certified Billing and Coding Specialist and Certified Medical Administrative Assistant.

Dental Assisting 

DA Growing Medical Industry

As part of our Dental Assisting program, students learn the hands-on skills and gain the experience necessary to succeed in dental careers. Externships are completed at local providers like Refresh Dental, Aspen Dental, Complete Dental Care, Dentistry for Children & Teens, and Precision Orthodontics, and many have also hired East Ohio Dental Assisting graduates.

Students prepare for the Nationally Registered Certified Dental Assistant (NRCDA) certification, which provides verification to employers of the skills graduates have learned. In addition, students are also prepared for the dental radiography certification in their respective states.

Jump Start Your Medical Career

“If you want to work in the medical industry in the tri-state area, do it now! There has never been a greater opportunity to establish a solid career in the medical profession,” said Scott when asked what advice he has for someone who wants to get into the healthcare industry.

At East Ohio, we work hard to get people into their dream careers and make a positive impact on the growing medical community in the tri-state area. East Ohio graduates are working in all aspects of the local medical profession to provide quality healthcare to residents of the local area. We truly believe in empowering our students to succeed in their careers and make a difference in the lives of others.

Are you ready for a healthcare career that allows you to make a difference and positively impact people every day? Classes are starting soon, so request information now to get started!