Student Highlight-Natalie May

High School Student


Choosing a college is such a scary thing at 18 years old. Many high school seniors are afraid of change but yet they are ready to make that big leap for the next chapter. For some, college is about the experience and finding yourself. For others it all about the end results, a CAREER.

Natalie May, a senior from Southern Local High School is completing the 16 month Medical Assisting program and preparing to start East Ohio College’s two year nursing program in the Fall.  “Knowing that I can go to college with very little distractions is a comforting feeling. By the age of 20, I will have TWO degree while most of my friends are still in college trying to obtain their first. It is not a competition of who gets it done faster but it is nice knowing that I will have a career and afford my education and be able to make big purchases or start a family.”

“My favorite part of East Ohio is the class experience. When I first started at East Ohio I was worried that I would not be challenged as much. Well I can tell you I was certainly challenged in every subject. All of the teachers are wonderful at teaching and creating hands on experiences. Being in an advanced program you have to move pretty fast but the teachers are there if you have to stop and ask questions. You have to apply yourself and you most certainly will succeed.”

High School Student

When asked to talk about her instructors Ms. May said it was hard to choose her favorite because each has made a major impact in her training and life. “Mr. Ream is a wonderful instructor whenever you are feeling down and he always knows when to say something goofy to cheer me up. Mrs. Scott is the director of the Medical Assisting program and is a wonderful person. You never have to worry about feeling alone or lost in her class. Ask questions when you are confused and she will know the answer and help guide you to become a better Medical Assistant.

Mrs. Bloor, Mrs. Sposato, and Mrs. Brock are the challengers. You will leave their classes knowing way more than you could ever imagine. Lastly, Monica Allison she is the high school admission representative and she is amazing. She has all the qualities into one. If you ever need anything she is the one to ask and she just wants to see all the students at East Ohio succeed.”

Natalie has a passion to make a difference in life. “If I can make someone’s worst day a little better by just being there; then that is worth more than you could imagine.” After graduation her dream is a career opportunity at Akron Children’s Hospital because they were there for her during her worst day. At a young age Natalie was hospitalized for sepsis in her hip, the nurse and medical assistants use to come in just to make her laugh. During high school, Natalie helped with the hospitals fundraisers and was an avid volunteer for their youth programs. “Seeing these kids being able to smile because of you is just so wonderful.”

Natalie’s advice to high school students is to take advantage of opportunities. She never thought she would have the opportunity to earn her Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting two months after graduating from high school. Natalie always wanted to go to a big university “but now I am glad I didn’t.” Ms. May encourages high school seniors to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

Her last advice is “go where your heart takes you. It is a major advantage in your education if you love what you do.”


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