Business Administration Program Highlight

Hands On Training in The Classroom

business administration

Nine students from the Business Administration program at East Ohio College collaborated with the Admission and Career Services department to design and implement a marketing and sales plan. The objective of the project was to raise funds for one of the College’s charities and engage students on campus.

Students divided into groups and created three marketing products to sell. They unanimously agreed to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. For eight weeks students designed products, created tailored marketing and sales plans, outreached to local schools, and purchased their products from local vendors. The final products were $2.00 wristbands, $8.00 tumbler mugs, and $15.00 work totes.

Business student Brandon Bates stated “There was a lot of work put into each project. Marketing looks easy but behind the scenes it is more in depth. You have to be committed. The product is not going to sell itself.”

Upcoming graduate Kaylyn Hardman stated that she “…learns by example. The information I learned from class, I had the opportunity to associate it with the project. For example, we discussed SWOT Analysis in previous business courses but now I can apply it.”

Business students will be selling their products until March 31st and each group has a set of goal of how many products they want to sell. If you are interested in contributing to their project, please contact Monica Allison at [email protected] or 330-385-1070.

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