Jennifer Harris – Faculty Highlight

Meet Faculty Team Member Jennifer Harris! 

Jennifer Harris - Faculty Highlight

Jennifer Harris, MSN, RN, CHSE, has been a vital member of the Lead Faculty team with the East Ohio College Nursing program for almost three years. Jennifer earned her Master’s degree in nursing education and is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE). Jennifer brought a lot of medical experience with her to EOC. Some of her prior work experience includes over seven years in critical care, three years in a cardio/pulmonary unit, and two years in medical/surgery and long-term care. In her current position as a Nursing Instructor at East Ohio College, Jennifer teaches in classroom courses and clinical and lab simulation settings.

When asked why she chose to work at East Ohio College, Jennifer stated that she was excited to have the opportunity to teach nursing students the importance of patient care and how to care safely and effectively for their patients. In addition, she enjoys sharing the wealth of experience she’s gathered throughout her career. Her favorite part of working at East Ohio College is the friendly environment and the great people she has the privilege to work with daily: “I work with the best co-workers that provide a ton of support.”

Jennifer’s favorite memory while working at East Ohio College is attending the nursing graduation ceremony of the first cohort she instructed. It gives her, as well as all the nursing staff, a strong sense of accomplishment. They see the student’s hard work and dedication throughout the program pay off. It’s a very proud moment when they walk across the stage at graduation, move on with a rewarding career, and are successful in life.

Jennifer is motivated by her family. She explains, “I always want to provide the very best for my two little boys. My husband Darnell is a great support system that encourages me to keep pushing on”. Jennifer is most proud of her academic accomplishments and the experiences that have made her the person she is today. When not instructing at East Ohio College, Jennifer enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing with her children. An interesting fact about Jennifer is that she loves to write poetry and short stories.

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