How An Externship Can Help Start Your Career

Are you eager to start on the journey to a new career but need a college that provides you with hands-on experience and your education? If so, look no further than East Ohio College! An education in nursing, allied healthcare, or professional services from East Ohio will equip you with the skills, knowledge, professional network, industry certifications*, and valuable experience you need to start a successful career.
EOC Externship

Continue reading to learn more about the role of an externship experience in the East Ohio College process and how it can benefit you!

What Is An Externship?

An externship is a valuable training experience that enables students to apply their classroom and lab-acquired knowledge to a real-world setting alongside industry professionals. These experiences are completed at regional facilities that align with the student’s field of study and are arranged with the help of East Ohio College’s career management department. 

Advantages Of An Externship

There are many advantages to completing a training program that incorporates an externship, including gaining real-world experience, developing professional connections with established industry professionals, and fostering a level of comfort in the environment where the student will work.

One of the key benefits of an externship is the exposure to real-world scenarios, allowing students to apply the didactic knowledge they have learned in the classroom to practical application in the workplace. Additionally, the student will work closely with industry professionals, which can create a solid professional network. This can be especially an especially beneficial resource for students who need references or recommendations during the job search after graduation.

Another added benefit of an externship is that the student will become familiar with the inner workings of the type of facility they will be working in post-graduation. The difference between practicing skills in a classroom or lab and implementing the skills in the workplace will help build confidence and a sense of comfort crucial to a student’s success. 

Is An Externship Work Experience?

East Ohio College recognizes that students want to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience they need for a successful career. Because the externship experience is an integral part of the East Ohio training process, students will gain marketable experience that they can include on their resume before graduating. When incorporating an externship experience into a resume, it is important to include acquired skills, duration, and recommendations. The East Ohio career management team can also assist with drafting resumes and cover letters that comprise the externship experience. 

Additionally, some East Ohio graduates have been extended job offers at the facility where they completed their externship. The importance of establishing these professional relationships during the learning process cannot be overstated. It can be extremely helpful in navigating the job market after graduation.

How East Ohio College Can Guide You

East Ohio College students can enjoy the perks of an externship, hands-on training, industry certification* preparation, student support, career management services, smaller class sizes, and more! Our programs in nursing, online allied healthcare, and online professional services equip students with the know-how to start their new careers in two years or less! 

Ready to start the journey to your new career with East Ohio College? Take the first step today and contact our admissions team by calling 833-EASTOHIO or Requesting Information!

*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.