Alexis Terry – Student Highlight

Meet Clinical Medical Assistant Student Alexis Terry!

Alexis Terry - Student HighlightAlexis Terry is an online Clinical Medical Assistant student at East Ohio College. Medical assisting is one of the many programs offered at East Ohio College and has been for over the past 25 years. Medical assistants work alongside physicians in outpatient or ambulatory care facilities, such as clinics or medical offices. Medical assistants can have a wide range of responsibilities. Clinic duties can include gathering a medical history, explaining various treatments and procedures to patients, collecting and preparing laboratory specimens, transmitting prescription refills as directed, phlebotomy, taking electrocardiograms, wound care, and dressing changes, and assisting the physician during examinations. Administrative duties include welcoming patients, updating and filing patient medical records, scheduling appointments, handling correspondence, billing, and bookkeeping, and arranging hospital admissions and laboratory services.

East Ohio College offers an eighteen-month Clinical Medical Assistant program that leaves graduates well-prepared to work in any position in the Medical Assisting field. When asked if she had ever attended college, Alexis explained that this was her first time in college. She states, “Before deciding to attend East Ohio College, I was a stay-at-home mom and wife.” When asked why she chose East Ohio College, she said, “Because of the teachers and the online classes,” when asked why she chose the medical assisting training program, she stated, “I have always wanted to work in the medical field.” Alexis says her favorite part of attending East Ohio College is “The great help from all the teachers.” Alexis says that her favorite teacher is Kristen Scott.

Alexis’s ideal job after graduation is to work on a labor and delivery floor. She explains, “I want to work on a labor and delivery floor or in an office with children or babies because I am great with kids.” When asked how she would like her life in five years, Alexis said, “I hope to be working in the medical field or as an ultrasound technician.” When asked if she would refer a friend to East Ohio College, she said, “Yes, I absolutely would,” she continued, “The teachers are kind and understanding and make you feel welcome.” Alexis’s hobbies and interests include spending time with her family and friends outside school.

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