Q & A with East Ohio’s Program Director Kristen Scott, CMA, RN

Medical Assisting

Is Medical Assisting The Career For You?

Have you ever considered a career in healthcare? Maybe you have always had a passion to work in the medical field and did not want to go through an intense nursing program or be in school for a lifetime….

Good news, there are still options for you! Have you ever considered a career in Medical Assisting? Let’s learn more by talking to East Ohio’s Medical Assisting Director, Kristen Scott.

Q: What is a Medical Assistant? Is that like a Nurse’s Aide or an STNA?

Medical Assisting

A: “A Medical Assistant is the staff member who assists the doctor and works in an office. They are trained to perform both clinical and administrative duties. When you arrive to an office as a patient, a Medical Assistant is the individual who checks your vitals and ask for your medical history.”

There are many differences between a Medical Assistant and STNA. The majority of Medical Assistants work in a doctor office and they have to receive a Medical Assisting degree, not a certification. Medical Assistants can perform more clinical tasks compared to STNA. They are trained to perform blood draws, give injection and complete point of care lab tests, such as: strep tests, mono tests, and pregnancy tests. STNAs do not work in doctor’s office and can only perform a few clinical duties. Medical Assistants can even participate in minor surgeries.

Q: What does an average work schedule look like for a Medical Assistant?

A: “If you want a career where you work traditional Monday-Friday, 9:00 to 5:00 hours, then Medical Assisting is a great choice. Medical Assistants have weekends and holidays off. Many Registered Nurses have to work long hours or get called in on holidays to work in the hospital. This can make it very difficult if you have a family” states Mrs. Scott.

Q: How do Medical Assistants gain experience at East Ohio College?

A: Currently, Mrs. Scott is placing students in their externships. Students have the opportunity to work in a local doctor office before entering the workforce. East Ohio has a great relationship with the community and have numerous externship sites. Here is just a few: River Valley Physicians, Dr. Tae Jung, Dr. Ted Hill, Dr. Dharam Batish, and a new site Second Chances.

Q: What advice do you have for future Medical Assisting students?

Q: A: Mrs. Scott’s advice to future students is: “Study, study, study. Learn as much as possible while you are at East Ohio. Learn to multi-task because you will be using that skill a lot in your career. Know how to follow instructions because you will be following physician’s orders. Always treat everyone kindly. You have to be empathetic and have a love for people; because you choose a profession where you are helping others.”

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