Olivia Moschella – Graduate Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Graduate
Olivia Moschella

Olivia Moschella - Graduate HighlightOlivia Moschella is a 2023 graduate of East Ohio College. Olivia graduated on December 17th, 2023, with a degree from East Ohio College’s fully online Clinical Medical Assistant program. The term medical assistant has been recognized since the latter part of the 20th century after the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) was established. Before the start of the 20th century, doctors had assistants who were not necessarily qualified nurses and lacked formal education. The end of the Second World War brought significant changes to medicine. Many personnel were returning from war with significant skills in the field of medicine but no official qualifications outside of those achieved in the army. 

With her degree in medical assisting, Olivia will play a vital role in the field of medicine. When asked about her previous college experience, Olivia explained, “I had never been to college before. It was something I didn’t see as necessary.” Before deciding to attend East Ohio College, Olivia had worked various jobs. “I had been working in retail and customer service, and I hated it. I got a job working in home healthcare with DD clients, and then I got into an assisted care facility.” When asked why she chose East Ohio College, she explained, “They were the first ones to reach out to me when I started looking at taking classes. After meeting the staff here, it seemed like the best fit for me.” When asked why she chose the Clinical Medical Assistant program, she said, “I was thinking about nursing, but I needed a fully online course.”

Olivia said her favorite part of attending East Ohio College was the classes and the instructors. She stated, “Almost all of the classes are super interesting, and the teachers have all been very helpful and supportive.” Olivia said that her favorite class was pharmacology. “My favorite classes have been the pharmacology classes. I find all of the technical stuff interesting.” When asked about her ideal job after graduation, Olivia said, “Oncology or dermatology at first, but I have started looking at dermatology.” When asked how she would like her life to look in five years, she explained, “I would like to be living somewhere else and be able to fully support myself. I would also like to be able to better help and support my mom.” Olivia said that she would refer a friend to East Ohio College. “None of my friends are looking at more education, but I have told everyone I know about how much I loved my classes.” Olivia also has many interests outside of school. She explained, “I love crafts, painting, and drawing mostly, but really anything I can do with my hands. I also read a lot and play video games. I spend all of my free time logging hours into “Tears of the Kingdom and Hogwarts Legacy.”

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