Lori Marston – Staff Highlight

Meet Nursing Admissions Team Member
Lori Marston!

Lori Marston - Staff HighlightEast Ohio College would like to welcome the newest addition to our campus family, Nursing Department Admissions Team Member Lori Marston, who started on June 12th. Lori graduated from Leetonia High School and now lives in Lisbon, OH. She attended ITT and has an extensive employment history that covers a wide variety of positions. She worked at the Estee Lauder make-up counter and was a clerk at the auto title office, to name a couple.

When asked why she chose to work at East Ohio College, Lori explained that she absolutely loves the atmosphere and the opportunity to help students on their path to a successful and rewarding nursing career. She also likes working in an office environment where she has access to “endless coffee.”  Lori goes on to state, “I’m so very grateful to have this job. “It’s like a big soft recliner chair. I’ll get situated in it, then sink into comfort and contentment.”

Although she’s only been at East Ohio College briefly, Lori states that her favorite part of being here is the staff by far. “Everyone has been so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Also, the “feel” of this place is welcoming and quite comfortable.” Lori is motivated most by her two daughters, Sophia and Valerie. Watching them grow into such kind, thoughtful, hardworking, and honest young ladies provides a sense of pride and motivation. She is also motivated by the fact that she is successfully making it on her own.

When asked to provide something interesting about herself that not many people know, Lori stated, “I can give back rubs that will make you forget your zip code.” When not at work, Lori enjoys walking her dog Vinny and spending time with her family. Her family is the key to her life. She is the youngest of six, and everyone is married with kids. Everyone meets on Sundays for coffee, laughs, and love. East Ohio College is fortunate to have Lori onboard, and she is a welcomed member of our campus family.

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