Judy Wilcox – Student Highlight

Meet Medical Office Administration
Student Judy Wilcox!

Judy Wilcox resides in Lisbon, OH, and is currently enrolled in the Medical Office Administration program at East Ohio College. Judy began her college journey at Kent State University at their Salem campus but soon discovered she didn’t care much for the online format and that her residential classes were located at different campuses, which resulted in additional travel time. Judy started looking for a local college that offered residential in-person classes at one location. After exploring options, Judy selected and enrolled at East Ohio College because she was impressed with the eighteen-month program, all classes are offered at one location, and they are in-person.

When asked why she chose the Medical Office Administration program, Judy stated that she has always been interested in the medical-related fields but wanted to pursue something more administrative in nature than hands-on patient care. The admissions team at East Ohio College did a great job of asking the right questions and assisting her in finding a program that checked all the boxes.

Judy’s favorite part of attending East Ohio College is that the classes are in person, and all the instructors really care about the students. When asked who her favorite instructor is, Judy advised Mrs. Scott because she really cares about each student in her program. Judy’s ideal job after graduation would be to work for a local hospital as a billing office administrator. In addition, Judy has a game plan and has set a long-term goal of being successful in her career and owning her own home.

Judy enjoys reading, crocheting, and spending quality time with family and friends in her free time. Judy would definitely recommend East Ohio College to her friends and family because all the staff really work hard to help you succeed and reach your goals.

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