Jen Russell – Student Highlight

Meet Clinical Medical Assistant Student Jen Russell!

Jen Russell - Student Highlight
In 2007, Jen Russell graduated from East Ohio College with an associate degree in Accounting and Business Administration. After fifteen years of working in accounts payable at Penn Tools, Jen decided a change of pace was in order. She recently returned to East Ohio College and is pursuing a degree in the Clinical Medical Assistant program. When asked why she chose the medical assisting training program, Jen stated that she has always wanted to help people and thinks it would be great to assist people in living a healthy and happy life. Jen’s favorite part of attending East Ohio College is the environment. She loves the fact that the classes are small, resulting in more one-on-one personal instruction. In addition, she has made a lot of good friends with her classmates and very much looks forward to keeping in touch with them and remaining friends after graduation.

When asked who her favorite instructor is and what her favorite class is so far, Jen stated that Mrs. Scott, the medical program director, is her favorite instructor, and clinical is her favorite class because she really enjoys the hands-on experience it provides. After graduation, Jen would like to work in a doctor’s office and help people to the best of her ability. Jen’s five-year goal is to be employed in a position that she can retire from and work for an employer that appreciates their employees.

Jen would definitely recommend East Ohio College to friends and family because the students really get that one-on-one with the instructors, and they get more out of the classes as a result. In her free time, Jen enjoys traveling to local towns for bingo nights and watching sports. She also enjoys spending time and doing fun things with her mother, who recently beat cancer and, thankfully, is doing well.

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