Refresh Dental – Externship Highlight

A Discussion with Cheyenne Hoops, Dental Assisting Externship Site Coordinator, Refresh Dental

Refresh Dental

The Boardman, Ohio location of Refresh Dental was established in 2013 as a general dentistry office.  The office offers multiple dental procedures including dental hygiene cleanings, restorations, endodontic therapy, scaling and root planning, implants, in-office whitening, take-home whitening custom trays, and prosthodontics.

Ms. Hoops indicates that the current business climate for dental services is increasing at a very positive rate. They are seeing more new patients every day and conducting same-day treatment for those patients.  Refresh Dental also welcomes walk-ins patients!  The sales of dental products continue to increase as the staff informs the patients of the benefits of using powered toothbrushes, take-home whitening kits, MI paste, and high-quality mouthwash.  Cheyenne states, “Patients often don’t have enough knowledge to ask about products that can improve their overall oral hygiene. Therefore, our staff takes their time to explain the benefits.”

Ms. Hoops says that East Ohio students who complete externships at their office receive hands-on training in a fast-paced environment. According to her, “they will get fantastic experience learning everything a dental office has to offer.  We have different doctors who have different specialties and a student has a wide variety of experiences to choose from.  We also offer many job opportunities to the students.” She reports that they value having East Ohio students complete their externship at Refresh Dental because they “get the opportunity to teach and show the student best-in-class patient care.”

According to Cheyenne, the five-year outlook for dental services is strong and her office location plans to increase patient clientele and grow with the needs of patients.  They plan on having more advertisements, so that more patients can understand the benefit of using certain products and can ask about them in greater detail during office visits.  Overall, they plan to grow as a business in every aspect in the next 5 years to provide the best patient care.

Her advice to future students is to have great organization.  “Do not procrastinate because time will get away from you.  Try your best and strive for greatness at everything you do because one day it will show, and you want to be the best!”

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