Nursing and Online Programs

Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) students, we want to ensure you can finish your education close to home!

East Ohio College has been around for over 100 years and began offering online programs in January 2022. Our current list of online program offerings includes:

Our medical and dental assisting classes have the added benefit of completing coursework online and attending several hands-on clinicals at the East Ohio campus throughout the program.

East Ohio College School of Nursing offers an accelerated evening and weekend Nursing program that provides nursing students with smaller nursing classes.

Fast-Track Admission and Transfer Credit Plan

EGCC students, our commitment to you is to help make this transition as seamless as possible. Upon reaching out and requesting more information, we will reach out. Once you inform us that you are an Eastern Gateway student, we will put you on our fast-track admissions plan, which includes:

  • Bypassing the college interview.
  • Waiving the application fee.
  • Waiving the seat fee for nursing students. (No seat fee for online programs.)
  • Reviewing Buckeye Online Grant* eligibility.

As soon as we receive your transcripts, we will ensure they are evaluated in a timely manner to get you the information you need quickly.

*Grants available to those who qualify. See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements. 

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Grant/Scholarship Information

Grants/Scholarships are available for many of our programs and vary by location.