Make Your Dreams Come True

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Saturday, January 13th is a day that gives you the opportunity to realize your goals and dreams. Many students at East Ohio are already pursuing their dream by going to college and working towards their degree in their career field. East Ohio has asked our students and graduates to share their dreams and goals. Remember, “whatever your dreams are, they usually do not come true without some effort.” Our students know that the distance between dreams and reality is called action. East Ohio wants to know what your dreams are for 2018.

“I want to climb Mount Everest

-Caitlin Allen, Medical Assisting student

Overcome my health issues and build a family!”

-Amber Dorsey, Medical Office Administration student

“Travel to every country in the world that is safe to visit. My biggest goal is to visit Ireland, Spain, and Australia.”

-Jennell Bolton, Business Administration graduate

One of my biggest dreams is to take my kids to Disney World/Disneyland for a week or two.”

-Courtney Stephens, Upcoming Medical Assisting graduate

See my grandchildren become anything they want. Be happy, creative people. And if possible meet their children.”

-Bernice Nelson, Nursing Student

I dream of going to Bora Bora

-Breanna Kelly, Business Administration Student & East Ohio Hangry Helper Manager

My biggest dream is to travel. I can only hope one day my son and I can experience this world’s beauty.”

-Markie Lowe, Medical Assisting student

I want to become a dental assistant and have a successful life.

-Alexis Fish, Dental Assisting student

…To take my kids on the Disney cruise!”

East Ohio SGA Students

-Victoria Grimes, Medical Assisting student

Travel to Holland to learn about my family roots and speak Dutch fluently.”

-Lexie Van Lingen, Medical Assisting student

Become a nurse and give myself and children a better life than what we have had so far.”

-Vicki White, Dental Assisting student and Medical Assisting graduate

“…Helping those in need.”

-Barbara Clinebell, Business Administration student

To see a world where everyone is happy and at peace with themselves and other people.”

-Mickala Guy, Dental Assisting student

Visit Hawaii <3

  • Haylee Cramer, Medical Assisting student