Anthony Winston – Student Highlight

Anthony Winston, East Ohio
My name is Anthony Winston and I am a student here at East Ohio College. I have been a student here since August of 2018 and so far I am enjoying it far more than my past college experience. I attended another local college on and off for five years total after high school. It was a decent learning experience in my life, but I definitely was not invested there. East Ohio has been a great experience for me so far.

Before I started my classes here, I was pretty much at a standstill, so I knew I had to do something. I chose to come to East Ohio because it is close to home and the staff and made me feel welcomed when I came to tour the school. I chose to be in the Medical Office Administration program because I have a disability which will require me to have a desk job. I felt a degree in Medical Office Administration would give me the chance to find a career.

My favorite part of attending East Ohio would have to be the fact that I am growing as an individual through my education and making new friends along the way. My teachers make a great difference as well. I have not had all of the instructors yet, but I do have three favorite teachers so far:  Mrs. Poynter, Mrs. Martin, and Mrs. Scott.  My favorite class so far would be Effective Communication because I love public speaking.

I would definitely refer a friend to come to East Ohio.  If you are willing to invest in yourself, the school will give you the tools and the knowledge to build your future on. I am glad I chose to further my education here.