WMC Physician Practices – Externship Highlight

East Ohio College’s medical and nursing programs are proud of their new affiliation with Weirton Medical Center’s Physician Practices. WMC Physician Practices has been serving the Ohio Valley area since 1954 by providing outstanding healthcare. WMC provides a variety of services including but not limited to: OBGYN, Primary Care, Breast Care, Pediatrics and Adolescence Care, Cancer Care, Emergency Services, Robotic Surgery, Orthopedic and Joint Care, Heart Care, Vein Care, Physical Rehabilitation, Laboratory and Diagnostic Services, Inpatient Care, Home Health Care, Wound Treatment, Sleep Care, Wellness and Prevention Services, and Pain Care.

Currently, WMC Physician Practices proudly reports a 39% increase in employment or 350 new jobs. According to their website, “Since mid-2012, WMC has proven itself a true tri-state medical network by growing its reach from the 238-bed acute care facility on Collier’s way in Weirton and one off-campus location to now operating 38 sites in 3 states.” WMC offices have a demand for medical assistants and medical office personnel. WMC Medical Assistant and East Ohio Medical Assisting graduate, Devin Tallman, is proud of all that WMC Physician Practices has been doing to help patients in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2019, WMC has graciously welcomed medical assisting students for externship opportunities. They also welcome medical billing and coding students and medical office administration students. When asked what value she feels students will receive from externing at WMC, Ms. Tallman stated that they will “receive professional hands-on experience and will gain relationships that will last a lifetime! Externships are a great way for WMC to serve our community by offering training and employment pipelines.”

When asked what advice she would provide a student entering college in the upcoming year, Devin said, “speaking from personal experience, I recommend seeking feedback and taking it with great strides. Go above and beyond in your work. In your externship or job, remember, your patients will become your family, friends, or neighbors. Work hard and strive for excellence!”

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