Why You Should Consider East Ohio College’s LPN to RN Bridge Program

Are you a licensed practical nurse that loves to help people and wants to contribute more to the health of your community? Or perhaps you are looking to advance your education and expand your career opportunities. Whatever your situation, East Ohio College’s LPN to RN Bridge program may be a great fit for you.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of earning an associate degree in registered nursing, what you can expect from East Ohio’s LPN to RN training program, and how becoming an RN could change your life! 

What is an LPN to RN Bridge program?

LPN to RN programs allow current licensed practical nurses to return to school to further their nursing education and obtain their associate degrees in registered nursing. This option is great for LPNs who want to advance their nursing career but need a program to balance work schedules, everyday life, and school.

Is East Ohio College’s LPN to RN Bridge worth it?

Why You Should Consider East Ohio College’s LPN to RN Bridge Program

As a student in East Ohio’s LPN to RN Bridge program, you can expect to gain the necessary registered nursing training in only 16 months. With the benefit of direct admission, the accelerated program trains future RNs on the skills they need to sit for and pass their nursing boards while continuing to work in the community. Current LPNs who pursue our program have the opportunity to skip unnecessary classes to focus on the nursing training they need, making this an excellent option for those looking to complete their training without wasting time and money on non-nursing courses.

Another benefit of attending East Ohio College is that LPNs from Pennsylvania and West Virginia can expect to spend the same amount on their education. Despite being from out of state, these students will receive in-state tuition. By offering nurses in Ohio and the surrounding states the option to return to school and expand their education, East Ohio College hopes to address the healthcare needs of Northern West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and beyond. 

What can I expect from East Ohio College’s LPN to RN Bridge program?

East Ohio College follows a hands-on approach to education, meaning students can expect to receive classroom instruction, then complete lab and simulation experiences to solidify the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. Nursing students will also complete clinical rotations at local area hospitals and medical facilities, allowing them to gain experience working in a real-world setting while building relationships with staff and faculty at these facilities. The curriculum in East Ohio’s LPN to RN Bridge program integrates the training and preparation for nursing students to sit for the NCLEX-RN* licensure exam.

We understand that current LPNs are often busy and have to juggle their education with work and life. East Ohio College’s LPN to RN Bridge program offers students the flexibility to balance family, work, and college with convenient evening classes and weekend clinical rotations. 

How can becoming a Registered Nurse benefit my life?

Licensed practical nurses are a crucial part of the healthcare team; however, they can reach a point in their careers where they may want to continue growing and advancing. Earning an associate degree in registered nursing at East Ohio College can allow nurses more career opportunities, higher salaries, increased flexibility, and more patient autonomy.

Registered nurses are highly respected medical team members and are vital to the health of the communities they serve. By taking your licensed practical nursing career to the next level at East Ohio College, you can change both your life and the lives of your patients as a registered nurse! 

Take the next step in your nursing journey at East Ohio College!

Can you see yourself advancing your nursing career while balancing family, work, and college? East Ohio College is here to assist you every step of the way in your LPN to RN journey. The next class starts in June, so if you want to attend, take action now! Call 330-385-1070 or Request Information to speak to our nursing admissions team and get started today.  

*Passing the NCLEX-RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.