Why You Should Choose A
Direct Admission Nursing Program

Have you always dreamed of becoming a nurse but are unsure where to start? Or maybe you are looking at different career options in healthcare and considering the nursing field. Whatever your unique situation may be, a direct admission nursing program could be perfect for you!

Nursing is an excellent career choice because of the constant demand for nurses. With increased access to healthcare and an aging baby boomer population, the need for nurses is expected to continue growing well into the future.

So, where should you start your path to becoming a nurse? There are various options available to become a nurse, but a direct admission program has many advantages. Read on as we share with you exactly why you should choose a direct admission nursing program!

Start Nursing Courses Immediately

The top advantage to choosing a direct admission nursing program is that you get to start taking nursing courses immediately when you begin the nursing program. There’s no need to take years of general education classes before being accepted into a nursing program. With a direct admission nursing program, you are accepted “directly” into the program.

By starting your nursing classes right away, you get a head start over those who choose to attend a traditional nursing program. You get to dive right into your nursing classes, learning valuable skills and essential knowledge that will help you make a real difference in patient’s lives once you start your nursing career.

Take Exact Classes Needed

When you start taking nursing classes immediately, it allows you to avoid the two years of general education classes that non-direct admission programs require. This means that you are only taking classes you need and skipping those not related to nursing. When you don’t have to take courses that you don’t need, it saves you time and money on your way to becoming a nurse.

At East Ohio, our direct admission Nursing program allows you to start taking exciting nursing classes right away, learning essential aspects of nursing, such as nursing values, the nursing process, health promotion and maintenance, therapeutic communication skills, and more!

Graduate In Less Time

In a direct admission nursing program where you start nursing classes immediately and take the same courses you need to become a successful nurse, you get to finish school and graduate in less time. It can take four years or more to complete a nursing program and graduate at many traditional nursing schools. A direct admission program would be the perfect choice for those who do not want to spend this much time and money in school.

A direct admission program allows you to graduate quicker because most traditional nursing schools do not guarantee that you will ever be accepted into the nursing program at all. You could take years of prerequisites and still never be accepted into the nursing training program, wasting even more of your money and time.

Begin Your Career Sooner

By choosing a direct admission program, where you are accepted into the Nursing program and start your nursing classes right away, you are able to start working as a nurse much quicker. This can make an impact on you now and in your future career. When you begin working as a nurse sooner, you can start earning money and gaining valuable experience. This will put you years ahead of people who attend traditional nursing programs that are not direct admission.

At East Ohio, our direct admission Nursing program is focused on one goal: to get you trained and ready to start your nursing career in only 24 months. We built our Nursing program to give you the exact knowledge, skills, and experience you need to succeed as a nurse. As you attend your nursing courses, you are prepared to take the NCLEX-RN* exam and have the opportunity to complete clinical rotations at local healthcare facilities like East Liverpool City Hospital, Akron Children’s Hospital, and Trinity East Hospital.

If you’re ready to achieve your dream of becoming a nurse and want a direct admission, fast-track program, request information now to get started!


*Passing the NCLEX – RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.