Why We Have Continuous Enrollment? Are you ready to get started?

East Ohio 2018 Grads

East Ohio College (East Ohio) offers continuous enrollment. Continuous enrollment benefits all students regardless of if they are looking for their first job after high school or an adult who wants to change the direction of their current career. East Ohio’s enrollment period begins every six weeks, allowing students to enroll at their convenience as opposed to a few times a year like traditional colleges. New students may only have to wait a few days or weeks to get started. Most students are either straight out of high school or people that have children, families, and financial obligations. When choosing to start a new career, a student may want to begin training as soon as possible in order to get in and out of the program and find the job that suits you best.

Furthermore, continuous enrollment allows our students to focus on starting new classes every six weeks which enables East Ohio to provide hands-on training and one on one support. Most students will typically take two to three courses at a time allowing them to focus on course specific topics that continuously provide new fresh content. Also, if a student isn’t comfortable with a particular class, our instructors support the student throughout the entire six-week course.

Not only do students have the capability to enroll quickly and conveniently, but East Ohio has staggered graduation times. Staggered graduations let students graduate as soon as they finish a program and start their new career.


If you are looking for a new career in the health and technology field, East Ohio College can help!