Thresea Gilchrist – Graduate Highlight

Before attending East Ohio, I had no prior college experience. I was a happy wife to a very wonderful man of 42 years and counting. We have 3 children and 6 beautiful grandchildren. At the time, I was recently laid off from my job as a Customer Resource Coordinator/ Medical Records Specialist and realized it was time to go to school. I needed to further my education to do more with my life and career. The East Ohio family was beyond amazing. I knew in my heart that this was the right place to go and I still feel it was the perfect decision for me.

I chose to enroll at East Ohio because many of my co-workers and dear friends have graduated from East Ohio’s Medical Assisting program. These ladies spoke so highly of East Ohio and showcased immeasurable skills in the medical office. Starting as a CNA with a robust love for the medical field, I decided I wanted to do even more. Being a little older with a love for serving others, I felt it was the right choice to enroll in the Medical Assisting program. I believe in helping people from every walk of life. This provided me an opportunity to truly give back.

My favorite part of attending East Ohio cannot be defined by one single event. Everyone and everything about East Ohio was nothing short of incredible. From the moment I was honored as Student Government President, up to the day I received my Medical Assisting certification, I cannot thank everyone enough. The teachers and students really care about each other here and are always there for you. We became more and more like family every day. The classes surprised me by providing me with the skills and information I needed to be successful in my life and career.

After graduating, I was hired on at my dream job straight away. I am now a Medical Assistant at the East Ohio Hospital in their Wound Care Center. I thoroughly enjoy the hands-on practices and interactions with the patients.  Learning so many new things and techniques every day keeps me on my toes.  It is challenging and rewarding all at the same time.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not tell people about how wonderful East Ohio was for me. I will always encourage others to continue or begin their college education thanks to my personal experiences there. You will learn a lot, and continue to learn even after graduation.  The feeling of accomplishment I have from completing my degree at East Ohio is the greatest feeling in the world.