The Value of an East Ohio Externship . . .

A major benefit of East Ohio College career training programs is completing an externship with a local employer. The externship gives students an important opportunity to augment the skills learned in the classroom and provides real-world experience in the field. Externships also allow students to network with other professionals to experience the culture of a certain employer. Whether it is a 90-hour externship in Business Administration or Medical Office Administration, a 160-hour externship in Dental Assisting or Medical Assisting, or the comprehensive leadership practicum in the Nursing and LPN to RN Bridge programs, East Ohio urges students to view the externship as an extensive job interview. Employers regularly use this time to evaluate clinical skills and to determine if a particular student may be a good cultural fit for the organization as an employee on a long-term basis.

During the East Ohio sponsored externship, allied health care students may obtain real-world experiences such as checking vital signs and completing patient history, phlebotomy, and sterilization procedures. Business students may be assigned to an externship that complements their career goals where they can practice skills like accounting, customer service and sales, marketing, and human resources. Nursing students practice in a real clinical setting during their preceptorship under the direct supervision of an experienced Registered Nurse. This activity serves to assist the individual with transitioning from nursing student to graduate nurse, and helps them to prepare for the NCLEX-RN nursing licensure exam.

Important externship opportunities are provided through East Ohio’s long-standing relationships with regional employers. While the list of participating employers is too comprehensive to list them all here, East Ohio would like to say “thank you” to all those organizations that have provided significant opportunities for upcoming graduates to complete this critical aspect of career training. Our partnerships are critical to ensuring a skilled workforce in the region and for helping students to achieve their career goals and personal dreams.

Employers who wish to participate in the externship or clinical rotation program can call 330-385-1070 for more information. If you are interested in pursuing an education at East Ohio, request information here!