The Value of a Two-Year Business Degree

In today’s world, business is everywhere. From your local coffee shop, to global corporations, our world runs on businesses and the products, services, and experiences they offer.

How do businesses keep their operations running smoothly? How do they ensure their customers are happy? How do they know if they’re making a profit? The answer to all these questions is the business professionals working daily to help these companies succeed.

All types of businesses need trained professionals with the right combination of education, skills, and experience. Earning a two year business degree can give you exactly what businesses are looking for in employees and get you in your career faster. Keep reading to find out the top benefits of earning a two year business degree!

Put Your Business Career On The Fast Track

One benefit of earning a two year business degree, as opposed to a four year degree, is that you get into your career faster. Since you finish your degree more quickly, you get the opportunity to start earning income sooner.

The Value of a Two-Year Business Degree

When earning an associate degree in business, you typically don’t waste time taking classes you don’t need. For example, at East Ohio, our classes are designed to give you exactly what you need to start your business career. You save time and money by taking only the classes you need.

A two year degree in business can jump start your career by giving you a competitive edge when applying for jobs. With an associate degree, you will stand out from candidates who have no degree.

Learn Business Fundamentals

Learning the business fundamentals that companies use to operate is another valuable benefit to earning a two year business degree. With classes focused on business, you learn exactly what you need in order to enter the workforce.

Because most types of companies operate with the same business fundamentals, you can use this knowledge for a variety of careers and can work in many different industries. Technology, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, small business, education, and hospitality, as well as governments and nonprofits, all need business professionals in order to operate.

Gain Hands-On Skills

Since a two year business degree is more career focused, you learn the hands-on skills needed for real jobs. Today’s businesses want to hire people who are job ready and can jump right in.

As part of the East Ohio business administration associate degree program, students learn hands-on skills that employers value, including managing an office, supervising personnel, understanding accounting, managing employee payroll, marketing and advertising, sales and customer service techniques, and working with computer databases and spreadsheets.

You also get the opportunity to practice essential soft skills needed for working in the business world, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, adaptability to change, creativity, and people skills.

Increased Career Opportunities

Today’s business employers need job candidates who can jump right in and get the job done. By earning an associate degree in business administration, you will qualify for more jobs, increasing your career opportunities.

Our business administration program at East Ohio prepares students for a variety of jobs, such as sales associate, customer service, bookkeeping, associate level management, and marketing data collection and analysis.

Utilize Career Support

When you earn a two year business degree, you have the ability to build relationships with teachers and other students to expand your professional network, which is very helpful when applying for jobs.

You can also receive resume, interview, and job application help. At East Ohio, we provide career placement assistance to students, utilizing our positive relationships with local employers.

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