The Return to Campus

With more people getting vaccinated and places starting to open back up, we are all making the transition back into our in-person lives. So many of us have gone back to our in-person jobs, our children have returned to school, and colleges are getting their students back on campus.

Here at East Ohio College, we’re super excited that our students are returning to campus. Just like before the pandemic, there are so many benefits for students learning on campus. For those who choose to enroll in a career-focused college degree program at East Ohio, you will receive an interactive education, in-person support, and wonderful connections.

Interactive Education

Those who decide to attend college at East Ohio will enjoy an interactive educational experience to start their journey to a successful career. Our class sizes are much smaller than those at traditional universities, which means you get personalized instruction and attention from your teachers. In addition, every student has different needs and learning preferences, so we make sure to give you the support that meets your unique requirements.

As you complete your college classes, you are trained in hands-on skills to use when you begin your career. Our career-focused degree programs allow you to practice your skills in interactive labs with the assistance of our helpful instructors.

While in your program, you will also complete an externship, which gives you real-world experience in the career path of your choice. This real experience in a professional setting provides you with the credentials and confidence to excel when you start the job application process.

In-Person Support

We offer you continuous in-person support as you complete your interactive college classes. Your dedicated admissions advisor will help guide you through the enrollment process from the first time you contact us. From completing your application to filling out your FAFSA to getting registered for your classes, we’re here to help you!

After you’ve completed enrollment and start your college courses, you will have the support of our academic team through every step of earning your college degree. We provide tutoring, study and test-taking skill development, academic advising, and goal setting to help you succeed.

Once you begin to approach the end of your college degree, our career services team steps in to get you prepared to succeed in the job market. You will have a personal career services director, who will work with you to develop a career plan, a resume and cover letter, and interview skills while facilitating job interviews for you.

Great Connections

As you complete your college degree at East Ohio, you have the chance to create meaningful and lasting connections with the people you interact with daily, including your instructors, the staff, and your classmates. In addition, you will feel right at home here with our welcoming family atmosphere.

When you build these meaningful connections as you earn your college degree, you will have a fun and enjoyable experience. It also helps you create a professional network that will be valuable in your future career. In addition, as you complete your externship, you can also create important connections with potential employers.

At East Ohio, our priority is you, your education, and your career success. Every day, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals with our WE CARE educational approach. We are here to help you through every step of earning your degree with whatever support you need to succeed.

Get Started Today

Do you want to continue your education at a college that offers career-focused degree programs and dedicated support customized to you? Then East Ohio may be the right place for you. Explore our Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, Dental Assisting, and Business Administration programs today. Request information to start your journey to a great career now!