The Benefits of Completing an LPN to RN Bridge Program

Are you an LPN who wants to take your nursing career to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place! There are many benefits to advancing your nursing career by completing an LPN to RN bridge program, such as further developing your nursing skills, expanding your job opportunities, and achieving your career goals.

Read on as we share the details to these great benefits and exactly how you can get started with an LPN to RN bridge program today!

Develop Your Nursing Skills

Enrolling in an RN bridge program allows you to further develop your nursing skills while preparing to sit for the NCLEX-RN* exam, which is required to become a registered nurse. Passing this exam is essential to becoming a successful nurse because it shows that you’re ready to perform nursing duties while on the job.

Since you are already an LPN who has previous education and experience in the nursing field, completing an LPN to RN bridge program is a great choice for you because it allows you to start your career as a registered nurse much faster. These programs are shorter in length because you receive recognition and credit for your previous education and work experience.

When you complete LPN to RN bridge courses, you learn the most up-to-date knowledge, techniques, and skills valued by today’s healthcare employers. By further developing your nursing skills, you can become an essential and important asset to the healthcare team. Some of the critical areas you will learn are nursing values, the nursing process, and nursing roles.

Expand Your Career Opportunities

With the aging population and increasing access to healthcare, nursing jobs are projected to increase well into the future. Furthering your nursing education with an Associate Degree of Nursing program provides you with an increased number of career opportunities because of the higher-level training you receive in the program.

Many types of healthcare facilities hire registered nurses including hospitals, physician’s offices, long-term care facilities, home healthcare services, urgent care centers, clinics, schools, and more. By completing an LPN to RN degree, you can qualify for nursing positions at these essential facilities.

Registered nurses have the opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare specialties, such as pediatrics, family medicine, oncology, home health, geriatric care, emergency, labor and delivery, surgery, rehabilitation, substance abuse, and many more.

Achieve Your Nursing Career Goals

Completing an LPN to RN bridge program enables you to achieve your nursing career goals. Registered nurses enjoy a higher earnings potential, as the average salary for RNs is higher than for LPNs. Those who complete LPN to RN classes have increased long-term job security because of the growing need for registered nurses in the healthcare field.

Additionally, registered nurses also have more opportunities for advancement and leadership positions in their careers. RNs can manage other healthcare employees, have a greater authority to make decisions that directly impact patient health, and have the opportunity to continue their education in the future with a BSN or MSN program.

Explore East Ohio’s LPN to RN Bridge Program

With all the great benefits of completing an LPN to RN Bridge program, what are you waiting for? At East Ohio, we offer LPNs the opportunity to achieve your dream of becoming a registered nurse. Our LPN to RN Bridge associate degree program is completed in only 16 months, allowing you to get on the fast track to your nursing career.

In our direct admission program, you immediately start taking essential nursing classes, developing critical skills in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings. Some of the essential areas students are trained in include women’s health issues, health promotions and maintenance, and the nursing process.

With convenient evening classes and weekend clinical rotations, you can continue working as an LPN while attending East Ohio’s LPN to RN Bridge program. We offer exciting opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in real healthcare situations with potential clinical sites including Akron Children’s Hospital, East Liverpool City Hospital, Trinity East Hospital, and more.

Learn more about our accredited, direct admission, fast track LPN to RN Bridge program today and start your journey to becoming a registered nurse. Request information now to get started!

*Passing the NCLEX – RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.