The Benefits of Choosing a Small College

You have a clear idea of your chosen career path, so now it’s time to make that vision a reality. For almost every profession, some training will be required.

There is a wide list of options for where you can attend college and complete a training program for your new career path. You could choose from a larger university, online school options, or a smaller college. These various options will offer a different experience for students while they are learning and completing their classes.

For many people, selecting a small school can be a major factor in their career success story as they complete their program and after graduation. Read on to learn more as we share the top benefits of selecting a smaller college to earn your degree and prepare for a new career path.

Small Class Sizes

A main benefit of attending a smaller school to earn your college degree are the class sizes. There are typically fewer students in each class in a small-school setting. That means you won’t have to sit in a large lecture hall filled with 300+ people while listening to the lecturer for a long period of time.

Being in a small-school setting will allow you to be more interactive with your teachers and classmates, with the opportunity to ask questions and participate more. You will be a name, and not only a number to your teachers.

If you choose a career-focused college degree program that trains you to work in a specific field, such as the Medical Assisting program here at East Ohio, you will enjoy a more practical experience, allowing you to practice the hands-on skills that will be valuable while working in your chosen career field.

Students who attend East Ohio to help them prepare for a new career will also complete an externship or clinical experience, allowing you to use the skills you have learned in the real world.

Personalized Attention

Another great benefit of earning your degree at a small school is that you will get more personalized attention, which will be helpful as you work to complete your program.

In many larger university programs, you are sitting in a class, blending in with hundreds of people, and you get very limited interaction with the instructor because they just don’t have time to connect with all students. However, in a small-school environment, you will receive the one-on-one interaction that’s needed to answer all your questions and help guide you to better solutions.

At a small college, the instructors are also more readily available outside of classroom hours, so you can get direct help and assistance if needed.

At East Ohio College, we offer our students a small-college experience. You’ll feel like you are part of a family that ensures you get the care and personalized attention needed to succeed in your career. With our WE CARE student experience, your instructors will offer help and support to empower you along the way.

Student Support

As a student attending a small college, another great benefit is that you will receive any additional help and support you need as you complete your college classes. At East Ohio, we offer academic support like tutoring and study skills to help you do your best in your college classes.

Along with academic support, career services are also a terrific advantage of attending a small school. They help with aspects including creating your resume and cover letter, practicing interviews, and expanding your options for job interviews. These are just a few of the services offered at East Ohio.

For students who select a small-school learning environment, there is endless opportunity to build memorable relationships with other students and engage with your instructors. This provides a stronger support system for you to complete your college degree while preparing you for a new career path. Smaller colleges also give students the option to stay closer to home and receive additional support from family and friends, which is important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join the East Ohio Family

If you’re looking for a small college to help propel you toward your successful career, then East Ohio may be the perfect choice for you. We have a supportive family environment that provides you with the necessary degree, skills, and certifications to be successful in your exciting new career.

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