The Benefits of an 18-Month Business Administration Degree

Do you want to prepare for a career in business? Are you looking for a college degree program that trains you in a variety of exciting areas? Then a business administration degree may be a great choice for you!

There are many benefits to choosing an associate degree in business to further your education. Completing a fast-track program, having a variety of career options, and enjoying networking opportunities are all great advantages.

Fast-Track Program

When you choose an 18-month business administration program, you can earn your degree in a shorter amount of time, saving you valuable time and resources. This means that you can graduate quicker and start your career sooner. Starting your career sooner has numerous benefits, such as allowing you to earn a salary and gain experience quicker than if you had stayed in school longer.

An 18-month business administration program gives you a well-rounded overview of fundamental business knowledge, which is a great foundation for someone who wants a career in business. You will also have the chance to develop essential soft skills that are used in the business world, like leadership, communication, time management, collaboration, and prioritization.

While enrolled in a business program, you will learn skills in a variety of areas. For example, students in our Business Administration program learn exciting things like how to manage an office, utilize sales techniques, understand business law, advertise a business to the public, manage payroll, and work with computer databases.

Career Options

A business administration degree is a good idea for someone who wants a variety of different career options after graduation. Since this program provides a broad business foundation, you could work for various types of organizations including small businesses, large corporations, nonprofits, universities, and in government.

Some of the potential future career paths of a business administration graduate could include working as a sales associate, bookkeeper, customer service representative, manager, entrepreneur, or marketing professional.

Additionally, there are a variety of different industries that you could work in by earning a business administration degree. Some of these industries include banking, technology, hospitality, retail, food, education, and professional services.

Networking Opportunities

As a student enrolled in a business administration program, you will have the opportunity to network and build connections with your classmates, your instructors, and the school staff. Building positive relationships while you are still enrolled in school helps develop your professional network, which can play an important role when you begin applying for jobs.

When you have a professional network already built, it gives you a head start in the job application process. Once the time comes to start applying, you can reach out to this professional network to see if they know anyone who is hiring for the type of position you are trying to get.

People with who you have built positive relationships can also provide you with references and recommendations for your job search. You can get written letters of recommendation from people in your network or ask them to give you a recommendation on LinkedIn.

Another opportunity to build positive connections is with the people at your externship. Students enrolled in our Business Administration degree program here at East Ohio will complete an externship as part of their program. This externship gives students the opportunity to apply the skills they’ve learned in a real-world environment. Connecting with and building positive relationships with the people you meet during your externship experience may help you greatly during your job search.

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