Katie Lowe

Providing Quality Front Office Customer Service From An East Ohio Point of View

By: Katie Lowe Hello Friends! It’s Katie Lowe, East Ohio’s Front Office Administrative Assistant. You may remember me from “Where is Katie Lowe?”, a series of blogs I did while I was attending East Ohio as a business administration student. I have made the transition from business administration graduate to Administrative Assistant here at East … Read more

A Fond Farewell from the Business Administration Students of 2017

By: Katie Lowe In September, a little over a year ago, we all began our journey together. Little did we know how amazing our journey would be. Being business students was hard, but it was also fun and rewarding. We didn’t know how good of friends we would be or how much we would miss … Read more

Medical Assisting – Program Highlight

Medical Assistants in Wonderland By: Katie Lowe   Medical assistants are some of the most important people in the medical field and the ones we spend the most time with in the doctor’s office. They take vitals, give injections, run lab tests, and they can even draw your blood (phlebotomy). MAs do all these things … Read more

Dental Assisting-Program Highlight

An Adventure in the Radiology Lab By: Katie Lowe What is a dental assistant? I would not have been able to tell you…until I met one today. Actually, I met six of them. Today, East Ohio’s dental assistants allowed me a glimpse into the radiology lab! They were friendly and courteous, and I can’t thank … Read more

Business Administration Program Highlight

Hands On Training in The Classroom Nine students from the Business Administration program at East Ohio College collaborated with the Admission and Career Services department to design and implement a marketing and sales plan. The objective of the project was to raise funds for one of the College’s charities and engage students on campus. Students … Read more