Steps to Apply for Admission to the Nursing Programs at East Ohio

East Ohio College (East Ohio) located in East Liverpool, Ohio offers a 24-month Associate Degree of Nursing Program with direct admittance and an LPN to RN Bridge program. Direct admission means that you do not have to waste time and money taking extra elective classes allowing most students to complete the program within just 24 months. Enrolling in any nursing program is a long, tedious process. To make sure you get accepted and have a spot in a highly sought-after program you need to be organized and attentive to critical deadlines.

The purpose of this blog is to help prepare you for some of the steps to apply for direct admission into any of the East Ohio Nursing Programs.

  1. Nursing Program by visiting us online, calling (330) 385-1070 or stopping into our campus.
  2. Schedule an appointment to come in and learn about the nursing programs and see if you are a good fit for the school. This program requires a lot of commitment. The nursing program asks students to allow 50 hours per week (40 hours of instruction and 10 hours of outside study time) of time to be successful in this program.
  3. Apply online at East Ohio.edu or apply in person.
  4. Potential students will need to request OFFICIAL copies of transcripts from your high school and any college you have attended. Official Transcripts should be requested and sent directly to the admissions office or brought in unopened from the institution. Faxed or emailed transcripts, or transcripts that are not in a sealed envelope from the institution will not be accepted.
  5. Schedule and study for the TEAS entrance exam.
      • The exam is taken on campus and is around 3.5 hours long.
      • This test requires 2-3 weeks or preparation and study time. DO NOT WAIT…THE PROGRAM FILLS FAST!
  6. If the student passes the TEAS exam (results are provided on the same day), a one-hour interview with the Director of Nursing will be scheduled.
  7. The student will need to bring their completed application which includes two professional references and an essay to the interview.
  8. The Director of Nursing will then decide if the student is accepted or denied direct admission to the program.
  9. If the student is accepted into the program, the next step is to set up an appointment with financial aid to cover financial information and actions needed to obtain appropriate clearances.
  10. Completed clearances, immunizations, and disclosures forms are due prior to orientation.
  11. Attend orientation and begin classes.


Steps to Enroll In Nursing Program