Stephanie Triner – Student Highlight

Stephanie Triner attended a large university right after high school. Unfortunately, at the time, she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life and this ultimately led to her dropping out of college after a year and a half.

Stephanie Triner

Before she decided to try the college journey again at East Ohio College, she was a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Stephanie chose East Ohio because it is close to home and offered the programs she was most interested in. She had multiple friends who had attended college here with nothing but good things to say, so she decided to give it a shot.

Stephanie chose the Medical Assisting program so she could have some experience in the medical field before applying to enter East Ohio’s nursing program.  She loves the idea of being able to help those in need and hopes to complete her education and enter the field of NICU nursing.

Stephanie says it’s hard to choose just one part of what makes East Ohio so great for her. She says that “the friends and teachers I have met at this institution are some of the best people I have ever met. Everyone is truly one big family with high hopes of success for all that attend here.” She says she cannot just pick one teacher as her favorite because they are all phenomenal. “Each teacher has his or her own way of teaching but is able to make sure each student understands the content with confidence.” So far her favorite class has been Medical Terminology. She finds it fascinating how all the words are pieced together and finds herself using what she’s learned every day.  “It’s so fascinating to see what you’re learning being applied somehow in everyday life outside of school.”

Her ideal job after graduation is to become a nurse working with children. She would love to be helping in both the labor and delivery floor and the “mommy and me” side of the hospital. She is also open to working in a pediatrician’s office because she loves children and wants to be able to help them.

In her five-year plan, she would like to finally be out living on her own with her daughter. She hopes to have money saved and be financially stable to give her family the best life that she possibly can while also being happy in her chosen career field.

Stephanie says she would definitely recommend East Ohio to a friend, and already has! Stephanie states, “I always hear my friends wishing they could go back or have the time, and I always tell them that the East Ohio schedule is so accommodating to peoples’ lives, especially those with children!  I really feel that this school, staff, and students are so helpful that there is no reason to doubt or procrastination regarding your goals.”