Stephanie Moore – Student Highlight

Known for her exceptional work ethic and friendly smile, Medical Assisting student Stephanie Moore is leaving her mark at East Ohio. In addition to her studies, she is a Federal Work Study and the Vice President of the Student Government Association.

Stephanie Moore - Student Highlight

Before attending East Ohio, Stephanie went to a large online university for Forensic Science. However, she felt that the online experience “wasn’t great” and that it just wasn’t for her. At that time she was a stay at home mother and wanted something more for her life and her family’s future. She aspired to help people and be “a part of something bigger…to make a difference” and found the opportunity to do that in East Ohio’s Medical Assisting program. Stephanie said she chose East Ohio because “it made me feel like home. I felt wanted here and I knew I was going to need someone in my corner to succeed”

With less than a year left before graduation, Stephanie is thrilled to be completing her hands-on clinical courses. Her favorite part of attending East Ohio has been her instructors and that East Ohio is one big family and community. She loves that the instructors and staff genuinely care and will go above and beyond to help. She feels as though making friends has been exceptionally easy and that she has made friends that will last a lifetime.

When reflecting on the teachers she’s had Stephanie says, “I don’t think I can choose a favorite instructor. They have all been extremely encouraging.  I have so much respect for every single one of them.” She feels as though each instructor offers a unique perspective that has helped her learn and grow. Although it was difficult to pick a favorite instructor, she was quickly able to pick a favorite class, “My favorite class is Clinical. I love the information and hands-on experiences we receive”.

Upon graduation, Stephanie would love to work as a Medical Assistant in a Podiatrist’s or Orthopedic Surgeon’s office. She feels these would be a great way to fuse her passions for helping people, medical science, and fascination with bones and the skeletal system. Five years from now, she would like to be growing in her career and enjoying life with her family.

When asked if she would refer East Ohio to a friend, she enthusiastically said “Absolutely! I do all the time. The skills you learn here and the time spent here is like no other. East Ohio is so unique and one of a kind. You can’t get this amazing experience anywhere else.”