Refresh Dental Alliance – Externship Highlight

East Ohio College’s Dental Assisting program is honored to be affiliated with Refresh Dental Alliance. Refresh Dental Alliance has been serving the Ohio Valley area for the last 10 years by integrating a philosophy that goes above and beyond what the consumer expects of their dental healthcare. Refresh Dental Alliance offers a variety of dental services including, but not limited to, routine dental cleanings, scaling and root planning, restorative, crown and bridgework, dentures, partials, implants, and oral surgery.

According to their website, Refresh Dental Alliance is motivated by “our desire to gain leadership to set new standards in the dental industry through prioritizing the overall health of our patients, and implementing a new feature of centralizing an in-house patient specialty care”. With Dr. Lucido having 36 years of practice under his belt, Refresh Dental Alliance is a well-established and busy practice that has earned the trust of and built relationships with many patients.

Refresh Dental Alliance has an abundance of opportunities for students. By having such a large group of local offices, Refresh has the capacity to offer students experience working with different doctors in multiple specialties. “We like to be able to give the students the experience they need to help them with potential job opportunities when their extern is completed”.

For years, Refresh Dental Alliance has graciously welcomed East Ohio dental assisting students into their practice for externship prospects. When asked what significance she feels students will receive from externing at Refresh Dental Alliance, Cheyanne Hoops answered, “Having students in our organization to complete their externs gives us value in being able to share our best practices with them. Our organization can help a student learn and grow into an amazing team member that will likely be hired within the group!”

When asked what advice she would provide a student entering college in the upcoming year, Cheyanne said, “When it is time for your externship do not be afraid to ask questions and jump in! That is what we look for in students. We love for them to get the experience that they wish for. Our end goal is to give you as much knowledge as we possibly can, the only way for us to do that is for you to actually want it!”

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