Quinsean Jones – Student Highlight

For East Ohio student Quinsean Jones, the first attempt at a college experience did not result in a fruitful ending. “My past experience, in a nutshell, can be generalized as hectic and premature.” This is a stark contrast to his experience with higher education today. He is enrolled in East Ohio College’s Business Administration program and will soon receive certification in entrepreneurship and small business via Certiport.

Quinsean says his favorite class thus far is psychology. “It is something that has always interested me, and I enjoy learning it.” During his time at East Ohio, he will also be taking business-specific courses to learn all aspects of the industry including Microsoft Excel, marketing, business law, and accounting. These courses are all able to be completed in just 18 months with East Ohio’s accelerated program.

After graduation, Quinsean plans to utilize his degree and information learned to manage his own barbershop. “In five years, I would like to have purchased a home and have a successful business and a happy family.” Before starting at East Ohio, he was a freelance barber in Colorado and moved to the Ohio Valley while attempting to gain new clientele.

The future is bright for Quinsean, and was made brighter due to the cost of attendance at East Ohio. “East Ohio is extremely affordable compared to other schools near me that I have looked at.” Aside from the cost, the instructors and staff were also deciding factors. “My favorite part of attending East Ohio is the friendly and helpful staff. I was able to start easily and comfortably with everyone’s help.”

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