Paige Dawson – Student Highlight

Paige Dawson
Before she decided on East Ohio College, Dental Assisting student Paige Dawson wasn’t sure what college she wanted to attend. She was conflicted and scared as a high school graduate and didn’t think she was ready to go off to a big university.

Paige chose East Ohio because it was close to home and she could still be around the people she loves. Paige says “Little did I know, I’d find the people I love the most right here at East Ohio College! The teachers are kind and make each and every student feel like they are family! I chose Dental Assisting as my major because I felt in my heart that’s what I wanted to do.”

After taking the entrance exam for nursing and not passing it, Paige says “I knew God had a different plan for me, and I’m so glad he did.” Her favorite part about attending East Ohio is the friends she has made along the way, college friends that she says truly are her forever friends.

Paige sums up her experience as follows, “Every single person at my school is so sweet and caring.  My favorite teacher would have to be Jamie Stine. You can talk to her about anything without judgment and she is always there when you need a helping hand! She teaches her dental students everything we need to know to work in the dental field! I am so excited to learn more from her!” Paige is excited to finish school and begin her career in dental assisting.