Our Proven Process for Success

At East Ohio College, we have many years of experience educating, training, and preparing students for new careers. We take pride in empowering each and every student to reach their full potential and achieve their career goals.

Over time, we’ve developed a proven process that enables us to help each student move along their unique journey to a new career. This proven process for success guides students through six steps: Plan, Equip, Learn, Enhance, Apply, and Succeed.

Keep reading to find out exactly what each step entails and request information today to get started on your path to an exciting new career!

Step 1: Plan

We know that everyone is different. We all have our own unique situations, needs, and goals. At East Ohio, we believe in treating each student as an individual and working with you to design an educational plan that works for you.

After you request information, you will meet with one of our helpful and friendly admissions advisors. They will work with you to plan your path to achieving your career and financial goals. You can ask any questions you may have and find out everything you need to know about being a student at East Ohio. During this meeting, you will also have the opportunity to tour the campus, check out the classrooms and labs, and meet your future instructors.

Step 2: Equip

After meeting with your personal admissions advisor, our helpful enrollment team work to equip you with exactly what you need to start your college classes. We work with you to create a financial plan that enables you to achieve your career goals.

You will meet with a financial aid advisor who will explain the financial aid process. You will learn about the different financial aid** programs that you may qualify for, such as grants or loans.

We will help you complete the enrollment process by getting registered for your college classes and planning for any additional support you may need, like transportation or childcare.

Step 3: Learn

Now you’re officially enrolled and it’s time to begin your college classes! You will receive valuable career training, learning hands-on skills, and practicing them in the classroom and in our interactive labs.

The hands-on training you will receive is built into each career-focused degree program offered here at East Ohio. For example, students in our Medical Assisting program will learn valuable skills including taking vital signs, performing lab tests, drawing blood, and giving injections.

As you train for a new career, we provide a supportive and helpful environment for all students with our WE CARE approach to education. Student services like academic advising and tutoring are offered to help you succeed in your college classes.

Step 4: Enhance

While learning the valuable hands-on skills taught in our college degree programs, you will also enhance your marketability to potential employers by preparing for professional certification or licenses. These certifications and licenses will vary depending on your chosen career field, because employers require you to have different credentials for different jobs.

For example, students completing our Dental Assisting program prepare for the Nationally Registered Certified Dental Assistant* certification exam, while students enrolled in the Nursing program will train for the NCLEX- RN° exam as they complete their nursing courses.

Enhancing your skillset with valuable professional certifications gives you an advantage over candidates who are not certified when applying for jobs.

Step 5: Apply

In addition to learning in our classrooms and labs, you will also have the chance to apply your skills and knowledge in the real world by completing an externship or clinical experience. This gives you the opportunity to earn real-world experience that is valued by potentials employers. You will apply and practice the new skills you have learned, setting you up for on-the-job success after graduation.

As you apply your skills, you will also have the chance to build positive relationships with potential employers and those in your local community. This networking will be extremely valuable when you start applying for jobs.

For students enrolled in our Nursing program, you may experience clinical rotations at local healthcare facilities like Akron Children’s Hospital, East Liverpool City Hospital, and Trinity East Hospital.

Step 6: Succeed

After completing your classes, finishing your externship or clinical experience, and passing your certification exams, it’s time for graduation. You’re ready to start your new career!

At East Ohio, we offer career services to students to help you jump-start your new career. Resume and cover letter development, professional interview training, and access to our employer networks are just a few of the career benefits you will receive.

Even after graduation, you will receive continuous career support with brush-up courses and career services to empower your success now and into the future.

If you’re looking for a school that has a proven process for success based on many years of experience training students for fulfilling, new careers, then East Ohio may be the perfect place for you! Explore our career-focused college degree programs and request information now to get started today!

*Certification is contingent upon passing this industry certification exam. Required/Included in Tuition.

**For those who qualify. See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements.

°Passing the NCLEX – RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.