Online/Hybrid Nursing Program Highlight

Introducing an exciting new option for nursing training!

East Ohio College (EOC) is proud to introduce its innovative Online/Hybrid Nursing program, a unique offering for Ohioans in Youngstown and the surrounding areas. This program, designed to add some flexibility to quality nursing training, is a perfect fit for ambitious nursing students who must juggle family, work, and nursing school. OnlineHybrid Nursing program

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new online/hybrid nursing training program!

Hybrid Approach To Nursing Education

The Youngstown Online/Hybrid Nursing program redefines traditional nursing education by blending online courses and hands-on experience. In this direct admission program, students will take didactic classes virtually, complete nursing instructor-led labs at the East Ohio College campus, and have clinical experiences primarily at Mercy Health-St. Elizabeth Youngstown or Boardman hospitals. Clinicals may also take place at Trinity Medical Center West or East. 

Student nurses in this program gain essential nursing skills, knowledge, and experience while becoming prepared to integrate into the community culture of the hospitals where they do clinicals. This experience allows future nurses to complete their education and be ready to start their careers in only 18 months. By completing clinical experiences at hospitals in the Youngstown area, East Ohio College nursing graduates will have an understanding of the inner workings of hospitals, a network of healthcare professionals, and potential employment offers at these facilities. 

Gain Career-Ready Skills

One of the benefits of East Ohio College School of Nursing’s Online/Hybrid Nursing program is the emphasis on gaining hands-on nursing skills. Students complete online nursing courses and participate in customizable simulations, acting out real-world scenarios to hone their nursing skills and build confidence– additionally, clinical rotations at regional medical facilities, such as Mercy Health-St. Elizabeth Youngstown and Boardman hospitals can offer exposure to diverse patient populations, allow students to utilize innovative healthcare technology, work as part of a larger healthcare team, and use other valuable skills. 

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

The East Ohio College online/hybrid nursing training program is designed to provide student nurses with the essential skills they will need for successful careers. From foundational courses in nursing fundamentals, anatomy, and physiology to advanced studies in pharmacology, patient care management, and nutrition, students engage in a rigorous academic journey tailored to meet the needs of regional healthcare settings. 

The program curriculum also incorporates soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, clinical reasoning, and more, allowing nursing students to finish their education with a well-rounded skillset to provide high-quality patient care. The EOC online/hybrid nursing training program also prepares students to sit for the NCLEX-RN* licensure exam.

EOC Student Support

One element of the East Ohio College educational experience that sets it above other institutions is the mentorship and support that EOC students receive. East Ohio College is committed to supporting students and graduates through virtual one-on-one instruction, personalized feedback, career planning, and other support services

East Ohio College’s small school environment fosters a strong sense of community among students, instructors, and faculty. The culmination of support, networking, and growth sets students up for success in their professional and personal lives.

East Ohio College is such a great place to go to further your education. They have amazing faculty who are willing to help you in any way possible along your journey,” said Rashauna, an East Ohio College student.

Start Your Nursing Journey!

Do you dream of becoming a nurse but need a school that provides some flexibility to balance family, work, and college? If this sounds like you, East Ohio College’s new Online/Hybrid Nursing program in Youngstown could be a great fit for you! 

Get started on the path to your nursing career and contact our admissions team by calling 833-EASTOHIO or Requesting Information!

*Passing the NCLEX-RN is required to become a Registered Nurse.