Malissa Cameron – Graduate Highlight

Thanks to East Ohio College, Malissa Cameron just celebrated her 20th birthday with an associate degree and a great job in her field! Malissa began East Ohio College’s Business Administration program directly after high school because she “immediately felt like family” when she came in for her first college visit with admissions. “You are not just a number here. Everyone truly cares for and supports you.”

Malissa wasn’t sure where she wanted to go to college or what her major should be until her initial visit. “I chose business administration because it was a stepping stone to give me the background knowledge for nearly any career path in the business field.” She knew that she was interested in marketing and human relations but did not want to fully commit to a major in either of them without some initial experience. East Ohio College’s Business Administration program provided her the fundamental training in the business field to have many options available to her.

“I loved the convenience and the short module-based schedules that were packed with information. I never felt like I was wasting my time with a course or information that was not directly tailored to my success after graduation. I was able to get a good education efficiently, which is a rarity in today’s market,” Malissa said. East Ohio College operates on 6-week modules that run Monday through Thursday because we understand that our students have employment and other personal obligations to work around.

“My favorite teacher would have to be Mr. Ream. He made learning so fun and was one of my motivators to come to class every day. He constantly supports his students and helps them to succeed every step of the way,” Malissa said. All of East Ohio College’s faculty have an open-door policy for students to stop in at any time to get help with coursework, job services, or even personal advice. Students always come first, so supporting them is essential to our success.

Malissa enjoyed her time at East Ohio so much that she decided to apply for an open administrative assistant position with the college. She completed her required externship in the position and then was brought on as an employee. “I love everything about my new job here. I get to work with incredible people and support new students through their educational journeys. It really is an amazing place to be as both a student and an employee.”

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