Lori Allmon – Faculty Highlight

Meet Lori Allmon, East Ohio’s Nursing Clinical Coordinator. She has been a part of the East Ohio family since February 2017 and has developed so many opportunities for nursing students to complete their clinical rotations with some of the best hospitals and medical facilities in the tri-state area. Lori possesses a wealth of experience. She was a critical care nurse for 10 years at East Liverpool City Hospital and Salem Community Hospital, an adult education instructor for 9 years at Columbiana County Career and Technical Center, a nurse health advisor for 4 years with Cigna Health Care, a home health RN for 4 years with Soleus Home Care, and a staff RN for 3 years at Heritage Valley Heart and Vascular Center. In addition to her healthcare and nursing experience, she also possesses her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Mountain State University (2012), a Certificate in Legal Nurse Consulting from Kent State University (2001), and an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Nursing from Kent State University (1986).

Ms. Allmon chose to join East Ohio’s nursing team because she has always had a special interest in education. “I love to learn and I love to teach others. I also have a strong desire for being a professional role model for our current and future generation(s) of nurses. I was also looking for somewhere close, that I could finish out my nursing career and retire from. East Ohio is meeting all of these needs!” When asked what her favorite part of working at East Ohio is, she states “It is the relationships, as well as seeing each individual student grow from the start to finish. The personal relationships that I have developed with colleagues, makes most days not seem like a ‘job’. It is also personally satisfying when you are involved in the process of students meeting their goal of becoming a registered nurse.” Her dedication to student learning, growth, and success is evident in all that she does.

Lori’s greatest motivators are her two adult daughters. “No matter what age you are, or what stage of your life that you are in, I think most of us can say that we can always improve in areas of our life. Over time, I have seen them both use their past mistakes and wisdom to continually improve in every aspect of their lives. We start out teaching our children and then before you know it, they are on the flip side of the equation. I have learned so much from them. My girls have inspired me tremendously and continue to do so!”

Lori is most proud of the fact that she has been a registered nurse for almost thirty-four years. “Being part of a profession that is rated by our fellow Americans as highest in honesty and ethics is very rewarding.”

When Ms. Allmon is not teaching or on campus, she loves enjoying the outdoors and nature. “I spend the majority of my time outside during the summer, gardening, and relaxing in the pool. I also enjoy reading and listening to music. My all-time favorite activity is spending time with my family. I have two grandchildren that bring a lot of joy to my life!”

An interesting fact about Lori is that she married her high school sweetheart in 1986. She was also a cheerleader and gymnast all of her life and used to be able to do a back handspring on a narrow balance beam. She admits that when she was younger she could never be beaten at a limbo contest!

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