Life Improvement Scholarship

High School

On July 5, 1998 Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame held their first induction ceremony and Mr. Holtz shared his dream of providing scholarships to high school students enrolled at a trade school. The objective was to help Upper Ohio Valley residents make positive improvements in their lives and the community.

By 2008, the Life Improvement Scholarship expanded to encompass all accredited Upper Ohio Valley high schools, including religious and cyber schools.

Each year, six $5,000 scholarships are awarded to high school seniors enrolled at a trade or community college in the amount of $5,000 per student. Students who meet the requirements are eligible to receive an additional $5,000 in their second year.

East Ohio College has partnered with the Lou Holtz Hall of Fame for many years and, each year, matches the scholarship of one eligible student. Students selected will receive a combined award of $10,000 their first year of school and $10,000 their second year.

Last year, East Ohio generously agreed to match all three scholarships for students enrolling in the fall, and this year, East Ohio will match two recipients’ scholarships.

Dakota Heaton from Beaver Local High School and Natalie May from Southern Local High School were both selected for the 2017 Life Improvement Scholarship. Ms. Heaton and Ms. May have both been accepted to East Ohio’s 24 month nursing program to become Registered Nurses and will graduate in August 2019.

They are both taking the first steps towards their careers and making impactful changes in the community.

Congratulations ladies!

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