Kyley White – Student Highlight

Before enrolling at East Ohio, Kyley White attended Belmont College in St. Clairsville, Ohio. To describe her experience at that time, she says, “I only felt like another person in class.” She also felt that she did not receive adequate help from the instructors due to the large class sizes.

When asked what she was doing before she decided to attend East Ohio, Kyley responded, “I was taking a semester off from nursing classes after the delivery of my son. During this time, I decided to finish my dental assisting degree.”  Because of the smaller class size and short program duration, Kyley decided to change East Ohio. Kyley chose the Dental Assisting program at East Ohio because “I had taken dental assisting in high school where I fell in love with it.” After high school graduation, Kyley took another direction but realized later that it was her true passion.

Kyley’s favorite part of attending East Ohio is that “The classes are small, and you get more one-on-one time with the teachers. Also that the teachers are passionate about helping you succeed in your career.” She says that her favorite teacher is Mrs. Stine, her dental assisting instructor. “I love how passionate she is in her teaching and how she wants us to all succeed.”

When asked about her ideal job after graduation, Kyley says, “My ideal job would be being an assistant in either a small office or with an oral surgeon.”  As for her five-year goal, she hopes to become either the head dental assistant or office manager.

Due to her positive experience at East Ohio, Kyley states that she would definitely recommend East Ohio to her friends. She says, “Overall, I just love the staff and atmosphere the school offers. They provide so much help to help you achieve the goals of getting a career.

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