Kayleigh Robinson – Student Highlight

Before enrolling at East Ohiodental assisting student, Kayleigh Robinson worked in the beauty industry at a nail salon for three years.Kayleigh had not completed any formal higher education before attending East Ohio but always had an interest in learning more about the mouth and teeth. As someone who wears braces, Kayleigh spent many hours in the care of dental professionals. This, combined with her interest in learning, led her to East Ohio College’s Associate of Applied Business in Dental Assisting program.

She says that “My favorite part of East Ohio is the teachers and all of the amazing people I have met. I have made amazing friends. It is just one big family here”. Kayleigh was also drawn to East Ohio’s small class size. At larger universities, students can get lost in the crowd and turn from a student to a faceless name on a computer screen. Because of the class sizes, East Ohio faculty and staff can show their genuine interest in their field and offer students one-on-one dedicated assistance with studies and any other issues that may arise. The classes are also scheduled conveniently, so there is no large gap that wastes time in the day.

Kayleigh has been elected Vice President of East Ohio’s Student Government organization. This organization is designed to cultivate the school’s core “WE CARE” values on campus and within the community by fostering an atmosphere of civility, support, growth, and fun.

When asked about her favorite instructor, Kayleigh stated, “I have two favorite teachers, who are Mr. Clutter and Mrs. Stine. Mr. Clutter because he is fun, and I always enjoy being in his classes. Mrs. Stine because she’s a fantastic teacher. She really cares about her program and students”.

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