Kayleigh Robinson – Graduate Highlight

Kayleigh Robinson – Dental Assisting Graduate Highlight

Kayleigh Robinson is a graduate of the Dental Assisting program. East Ohio College was her first college experience. She was previously a receptionist for a nail salon. Kayleigh is a people person. She said, “My favorite part of attending East Ohio College was the teachers and meeting new people.” When asked why she chose East Ohio College, Kayleigh said, “I chose East Ohio College because it was close to home. I liked that the classes were smaller and that the course was only a year and a half.”

Having always been interested in teeth, the Dental Assisting program was a great fit for Kayleigh. She learned how to become a crucial member of a healthcare team for oral care. Kayleigh was trained to provide patient care during clinical procedures alongside dentists and hygienists as a clinically certified dental assistant.

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Stine,” Kayleigh said. “She truly cares about her students and her work. Even after the students graduate, she checks up on you.” Kayleigh was able to see and experience firsthand how our teachers celebrate when you succeed and do everything they can to support you and your career goals. Kayleigh’s main thing that stuck out was how the teachers support and care for their students.

When asked what her ideal job would be after graduation, Kayleigh said, “My ideal job would have to be general dentistry or orthodontics. Also, anywhere I’m comfortable and enjoy being.” Kayleigh hopes to be further along in her dental career in five years. She gained the tools to achieve this with her 160-hour externship and extensive labs to learn clinical skills at East Ohio College.

When asked if she would recommend East Ohio College to a friend Kayleigh said, “Yes, I would refer a friend to East Ohio College because of the fast pace programs, smaller classes, and how the teachers actually care about their students.”

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